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2021 Sorority Girl Calendar Now Available at Bus Station

Hey everyone! The new Sorority Girl calendar for 2021 is now available at the bus station! It is available for $25L (proceeds help support the city) or free for those in the Sorority Group. If you’re in the Fraternity, please contact Meri, Trasee or Ancilla if you’d like to get a copy for free.

January – Alexa by Rhiannon
February – Jo Akali by Merilee
March – Cassie the Firecat by Merilee
April – Sara Bug by Indygo
May – Gwen by Indygo
June – Ela by Indygo
July – Ayela by Rhiannon
August – Nakami by Rhiannon
September – Serenity by Rhiannon
October – Annie by Merilee
November – Josie by Merilee
December – Hypatia by Merilee

Sorority House Picture Board

As you probably know, we have a picture board in the front room of the sorority house.  I’ve loved having it and seeing the pictures you all post on it.  However, every picture on the board is 1 prim, 2 scripts, so it is with a heavy heart that i will be removing it this weekend.

If you would like to continue sharing your pictures, and i encourage you to do so, please post them to our Flickr group.

For more information on how to use the Flickr group, see here: https://www.chitaucity.com/about-cum-slut-city/cum-slut-gallery/flickr-in-chi-tau-city/

and here: https://www.chitaucity.com/about-cum-slut-city/cum-slut-gallery/flickr-in-second-life/

Thank you for your understanding.



Tail of Two Kitties

It was the best of times, it was the worst of times, it was the age of wisdom, it was the age of foolishness, it was the epoch of belief, it was the epoch of incredulity, it was the season of Light, it was the season of Darkness, it was the spring of hope, it was the winter of despair, we had everything before us, we had nothing before us, we were all going direct to Heaven, we were all going direct the other way – in short, the period was so far like the present period, that some of its noisiest authorities insisted on its being received, for good or for evil, in the superlative degree of comparison only.
A Tale of Two Cities
Charles Dickens

Ok, so that might be a little bit melodramatic, but you can’t argue with the classics. What can be more classic than a tail of two kitties?

The first kitty tail is the tale of Trasee Darkwatch, the snow leopardess. Two years ago, her sister, Rose, introduced her to Ancilla and Cum Slut Sorority. Trasee wasn’t used to being thought of as a slut, let alone a cum slut. Yes, she did enjoy having sex at times, but being called, or even thought of, as a slut, was a bit disconcerting. Trasee was afraid to be a part of something that was so direct in terms of actually being a cum slut. What would others think? Then there was the achievement list. Trasee looked that over and thought that there was absolutely no way she’d do most of those. She wasn’t forward at all, and everything was so over-the-top, she was afraid to even try anything. There were a few on the list that she saw that could be obtained fairly easily, but the thought of moving past Freshman was beyond her. Her sister, though, encouraged her, as did Ancilla. So, Trasee’s journey into the world of cum sluts began, with much fear and trepidation.

The second kitty tail is the tale of TD-24651, the cybernetic snow leopardess, also known as Trasee Darque. In the course of a two year period of time, Trasee Darkwatch became closer to Ancilla. Ancilla, Rose, and Trasee decided to expand Cum Slut Sorority and build a city around it. They also brought over Trasee’s club, Darkwolf Lounge, which had been renamed Stray Cat Lounge. The city grew and with it the sisters and the staff to help keep the place running. More close friendships were formed, and Trasee slowly worked on her achievements. Trasee never saw herself graduating. Unlike Trasee Darkwatch, Trasee Darque had come to embrace being a slut. Despite that, she still had difficulties approaching people, or even seeing herself doing some of the work required to graduate. Despite all that, on Sunday, November 3, after two years in the Sorority, she had graduated.

Trasee Darkwatch evolved over time into Trasee Darque. Two kitties with the same tail. She did so with the help of her wife, Ancilla. She did so with the help of her Miss, Miss Muse. She did so with the help of many of her sisters in the Sorority. The encouragement and the friendliness helped her in so many ways. It may have taken two years, but stories aren’t written in a day.

Why do I write this? It certainly isn’t to bring attention to me. It is written to show my sisters that they too can graduate if they want to. As I was told, it isn’t about the achievements, it’s about the journey. It’s about having fun along the way. Whether you speed through the achievements or take your time, just have fun. Remember, it isn’t a contest, it’s a way to have fun. If you don’t see yourself advancing, don’t get discouraged, just have fun. Enjoy your sisters, enjoy the guests, enjoy your time in the city. The rest will come in time. I did “force” it a few times, which, in hindsight, I certainly don’t recommend. It takes away from the fun and puts the emphasis in the wrong place.

So to all my sisters out there! Have fun, because that’s what we’re really about.

With love,


Sorority Girls Pages

As Ancilla mentioned, we removed the Pledges from the Sorority Girls page, because the number of girls pledged to the Sorority was so large, it was crashing the page and preventing it from showing.

Ancilla and I worked together and split the Sorority Girls out into pages by grade. Pledges, Freshmen, Sophomores, Juniors, Seniors and Graduates all have individual pages now. A couple of the pages, such as the Pledges page, are a little slower in loading, due to how many girls we have in each grade level, but they are loading. Thank you for your patience while we got things up and running again!

2019 Sorority Girl Calendar

2019 Sorority Girl CalendarThe 2019 Cum Slut Sorority Girl Calendar is now available!

It is available with a $25L purchase or free to those in the Chi Tau Sorority group. All proceeds go to help keep the city running and for the building to continue. You can find the calendar display when you arrive in the bus station.

We love you all, and thank you all for the support you give us.

Special thanks to all of our models: Trasee, Ancilla, Alice, Tana, Kendra, Jessie, Zeira, Meri, Sophie, Catalenya, Ginny and Rose!

Additional thanks goes out to our wonderful photographers: Kara Hawk and Indygo Moonbeam. Please contact them if you would like to have your own photo shoot done. They are amazing photographers!

Two new programs for the sorority

I will soon be starting two new programs for the sorority. An admin program and a house slave program.

Admins will be able to answer questions, help out other sisters, and generally help keep things running smoothly.
There will be more responsibilities as they are trained.
Once the admin team has been selected, they will have a set of online boards in the train station to show who you can turn to for help and when they are available.

House slaves will be exactly what it sounds like. Sisters that have chosen to be owned by the house, and will be made available to entertain guests.
Short of any hard limits they choose to publish they will not be allowed to turn down any request by a guest. They will be free to use, but they will have their own tipjars, and guests are always encouraged to tip if they enjoy the slaves.

Slaves will be required to have scheduled times on-sim, and will use the schedule board to display when those times will be.


Chi Tau University Classes

We seem to have some confusion regarding what the “classes” are at the university.

First of all, they are not actual classes, we aren’t trying to teach anything. (There are occasional exceptions to this, but it will be noted in the description if this is the case).

These are basically events themed around “School” and “Class” as an excuse to get together to have lots of sex, after all that’s what we do here.

Why “Class?”… because we are a sorority, and sororities are based around a university, and universities have classes, so it’s a perfect theme to use for a sex party.

It’s just like any other event we have (an excuse to fuck), just using a school theme. So don’t be afraid to join in and have some fun, that’s what they’re for.


Blowjob Contest Winner September 2, 2018

Blowjob Contest: We have a winner with 16 votes.
Winner is Aura Moonkill and receives L$700.
Aura Moonkill has won the ‘Chi Tau Cocksucker Collar’. Congratulations!

Blowjob Contest, L$700, Votes: 35
AncillaDarque Resident 2
K3ndrax Resident 1
Gvyneth Resident 0
ZeiraSahar Resident 0
Aura Moonkill 16
Gretavanfleet Resident 3
Jeffro Kraft 0
Valentine Antonelli 3
cwynyd Resident 1
Sunnybunni Resident 0
AnnetteMeadows Resident 0
Niki Wiskee 6
Trasee Darkwatch 0
Erika Thorkveld 0
Darkness Frostbite 0
Kara Bundy 1
Karyn Calliope 1
HeraBoberg Resident 1

Upcoming changes to achievements

Trina, the creator of the Its Not Mine cum system changed the way statistics are reported a while back.
Because of this i will be modifying the Its Not Mine sorority achievements to reflect what is reported in-world, removing the need to dig into the more detailed stats available from her web page.

This may result in there being a few less achievements overall, but will make it easier to track what you have accomplished.

Also, as some of you have already heard, we will be working on creating our own Cum Addiction system, in direct competition to Spunklovers and others. When we actually have a product to use, i will be replacing the Spunklovers achievements with our own.

And finally, i will be creating achievements for men to do in order to become VIP members. There will be 20 achievements, and they will need to complete all 20 (verifiable by sorority sisters) to be given the VIP (Feeder) tag.
There will be a second way to become a VIP, but you need to be a sorority sister to know what that is. I will be posting that method in the Sorority Sisters group here on the blog.

Remember, we do this to have fun, so… have fun.

Ancilla’s Dream

When i first envisioned the sorority, i pictured the ultimate male wet dream of what a sorority would be. Beautiful girls always hanging around the house, always in cute skimpy clothes, always horny and eager to fuck.

Then we built a city around it and i kind of got distracted from my dream. I got busy building and designing and envisioning a bigger dream (which i’ll get to in a bit).

Well, while i was busy building, my sorority continued on, and a lot of wonderful girls have joined and started hanging around, and it has proceeded toward my dream without me.

I think it’s time to push my dream a little harder.

If you are a sorority sister, i urge you to please… if you are not busy doing something else, just hang around the house looking sexy. If a male visitor arrives, throw yourself at him and show him how horny sorority girls always are. Help me build the reputation that this is a place a guy can come to and know there will always be girls here, available and eager to fuck. Don’t let there be an empty house to greet him, please! Let visitors know that If the house IS empty, they can use the sorority hotline to page the girls, and if you see the page PLEASE run to the sorority and entertain our guests!

We have made it a long way towards my dream, but i need your help to get the rest of the way. Please, please make the sorority your home away from home (or even make it your home!) and help me build a reputation as the wet dream the sorority was meant to be.

As for the city that distracted me, well it’s an extension of my dream. I see it much the same way as the sorority, but with more structure for roleplay. There are many settings and environments you can use to set up ongoing themes/characters/storylines.

There is always the university to go to classes, and the library for studying. There are various businesses, stores, and restaurants you can “work” at, or just stop by to shop or grab a bite to eat. Maybe just grab a coffee on the way to class.

There are dorms for the sorority girls to rent and make their home. Maybe you have your boyfriends over for a visit, or throw a party in your dorm. There are also apartments and townhouses to rent.

And that’s just uptown. In the lower part of town there is a full red light district where a girl can “work” to make a little extra cash for school supplies. There’s a brothel, a strip bar, Amsterdam style vitrines, all perfect for a “working girl”. Stop in the sex shop for some toys or the cum shop for “supplies”. Grab a bite at the waffle house, or get a job as a waitress there.

There are slums with various “crack houses” and other abandoned buildings, including a public restroom for “dirtier” play. Be careful down here as there is no police presence whatsoever and who knows what might happen.

There is a trailer park for girls to rent when they want to “work” for a day or two (i think Merilee has moved in permanently).

Old town is a little more mysterious, no one really knows what goes on down there, and strange things have been seen wandering around. There are rumours of slave trafficking and cults in that area too.

Speaking of trafficking, there is a dock just past the boardwalk, and there are rumours of both drug and human trafficking over there. There is also a cheap motel across the street that rents rooms by the hour. Good for a working girl looking to make a few extra bucks.

And don’t forget Darkwolf Lounge, the premiere nightclub of the city. Hang around and dance, grab a drink in the bar, attend the social events, entertain in the back rooms.

What i’m saying through all this is please, hang out, make the sorority and the city your home (or at least home away form home). Do some exploring and see what you can find (there really is a lot of hidden stuff to find too). Start an ongoing story and pull people into it. There are no real rules except to respect the sim, each other, and the immersion we try to build, so go crazy and get something fun started. You don’t have to check with me first, just start something (although i really do love to hear about it and if possible join in as well).

There, i’ve said my piece and made my plea. Now, please help me make this place awesome, and make people want to come here.

I really do love you all and my dream could never be made real without you… make me proud!


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