If you’d like to make the Chi Tau City Triumverate and City Council aware of a problematic individual on the sim, please use this form to send us a message. While it is against the Terms of Service to share chat logs inside of Second Life or on the Second Life forums, there is no restriction to sharing them on an external site. So please, feel free to include any relevant chat logs here. More importantly, if someone is harassing you, or breaking the terms of service in any way, please report that person to Linden Lab immediately. You can do so from inside Second Life.

Please include your SL user name, not your display name, so we can follow-up with you to verify the information contained in the report and perform our investigation. Please do not use this form to harass others or file false reports. Any information you share here is available to all the Chi Tau City admins. It will not be shared or discussed with anyone else, except as is required to follow-up on the report.