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Sorority House Picture Board

As you probably know, we have a picture board in the front room of the sorority house.  I’ve loved having it and seeing the pictures you all post on it.  However, every picture on the board is 1 prim, 2 scripts, so it is with a heavy heart that i will be removing it this weekend.

If you would like to continue sharing your pictures, and i encourage you to do so, please post them to our Flickr group.

For more information on how to use the Flickr group, see here: https://www.chitaucity.com/about-cum-slut-city/cum-slut-gallery/flickr-in-chi-tau-city/

and here: https://www.chitaucity.com/about-cum-slut-city/cum-slut-gallery/flickr-in-second-life/

Thank you for your understanding.



New Cum Slut City Flickr Group

Cum Slut City has had a Flickr account linked to the blog since our blog was released. It was an account that allowed members to upload pictures directly from the blog into the Flickr account. At the time, there was no Flickr group, so the only way to share your photos was to upload it from the site. That is no longer the case. We now have a Flickr Group that you can join and share your Flickr photos directly from your Flickr account. Pictures shared in this group will be displayed on our Gallery page here on the blog.

Our existing Flickr Account, containing all the pictures previously uploaded over the past several months: https://www.flickr.com/photos/chi_tau_city

Our new Flickr Group which is now open for you to join: https://www.flickr.com/groups/chitaucity

This group is only for pictures taken in Cum Slut City, Cum Slut Sorority or Stray Cat Lounge. If you have pictures outside of the city that you want to share, please feel free to do so in the art gallery on Discord, and leave the group for city pictures only.

One other note. The Gallery Upload feature on the blog is currently broken, which is one of the reasons why we created the group. Fixing that feature will depend on whether it is needed or not. With the new group set up and working, uploading from the blog may not be necessary.

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