2021 Sorority Girl Calendar Now Available at Bus Station

Hey everyone! The new Sorority Girl calendar for 2021 is now available at the bus station! It is available for $25L (proceeds help support the city) or free for those in the Sorority Group. If you’re in the Fraternity, please contact Meri, Trasee or Ancilla if you’d like to get a copy for free.

January – Alexa by Rhiannon
February – Jo Akali by Merilee
March – Cassie the Firecat by Merilee
April – Sara Bug by Indygo
May – Gwen by Indygo
June – Ela by Indygo
July – Ayela by Rhiannon
August – Nakami by Rhiannon
September – Serenity by Rhiannon
October – Annie by Merilee
November – Josie by Merilee
December – Hypatia by Merilee

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