2019 Sorority Girl Calendar

2019 Sorority Girl CalendarThe 2019 Cum Slut Sorority Girl Calendar is now available!

It is available with a $25L purchase or free to those in the Chi Tau Sorority group. All proceeds go to help keep the city running and for the building to continue. You can find the calendar display when you arrive in the bus station.

We love you all, and thank you all for the support you give us.

Special thanks to all of our models: Trasee, Ancilla, Alice, Tana, Kendra, Jessie, Zeira, Meri, Sophie, Catalenya, Ginny and Rose!

Additional thanks goes out to our wonderful photographers: Kara Hawk and Indygo Moonbeam. Please contact them if you would like to have your own photo shoot done. They are amazing photographers!

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