As one of the founders of Chi Tau City, I have endeavored to research the history of the city. The cybernetic augmentations that enhance my body and my mind enable me to access the Internet directly. With that vast storehouse of information, I was able to gather some information and sort the possible truths from the legends and determine the probable history of Chi Tau City.

The earliest surviving records date back to what I believe is the early thirteenth century, around the time of the Fourth or Fifth Crusade. The area that makes up Chi Tau City was once home to the tiny kingdom of Ednah. A small castle stood in the center of the land, about where Chi Tau Sorority now stands. Residing inside the castle was the ruler of Ednah, a woman described as ‘the most beautiful woman in all the known world.’

I was unable to find any record of the name of the woman except that she was a priestess of an ancient religion that was lost over the centuries. I discovered many ancient texts about this unknown religion but was unable to translate any of them. Based on other works, such as various artworks and third-hand accounts, it is safe to assume that this religion worshipped dark and mysterious deities of lust and vice.

One of the third-hand accounts comes from the poet Laȝamonn, Layamon in today’s English. He was a priest who lived in the late twelfth and early thirteenth centuries, most known for the Brut, a history of Britain and the legend of King Arthur. The account I discovered was a letter credited to his name. It was written in Middle English, which I have translated here.

My Brothers,

On the road to Rome, I happened upon a small village in the kingdom of Ednah. The hour was late, so I attempted to find lodging among the locals. The locals were timid and fearful, and I was steadfastly cast aside.

Before night fell, I managed to secure lodging with a local harlot. I took this as a sign from the Almighty that I might be able to share His grace with her. Instead, I was treated to the terrifying tale of a wicked woman apparently possessed by demons of lust.

The woman lives in the castle here in Ednah, sending fear over the peasants who live in the land. She takes young girls from among the people and brings them up to her castle and teaches them her unholy rights. Even my hostess lost her youngest daughter to the wiles of this evil woman.

The harlot calls her a priestess but hearing the stories told, she is a priestess to demons. Not only does she worship these beings, but I am told she opens doorways to hell to consort with the foul beasts within.

Pray for me, Brothers, and pray for the lost souls of Ednah. I am taking what I have learned to Rome and informing our Brothers there of this den of evil. Perhaps the Knights Hospitaler will be able to cleanse the sin from this blighted land.

My research into the exact nature of the evil of this priestess left a lot more questions than answers. What I could ascertain was that she would take her followers to a cairn a short distance from the village, on the other side of the river. There, she would torture and apparently sacrifice them in the name of her dark gods. From the drawings I found, I believe this sacrificial site is where the old church and graveyard stand today. A fitting location, considering the horrors I saw in those drawings.

I would surmise that Layamon completed his journey to Rome and did as he said he would in his letter. From the information I had gathered, Crusaders arrived in Ednah. They brought with them their own brand and death and destruction, leaving the castle in ruins while slaughtering all those inside. The Crusaders, most likely the Knights Hospitaler mentioned in Layamon’s letter, did not even spare the villagers.

Some accounts of the destruction allege that the priestess was not among those killed by the Knights. There are claims that she escaped into the wilderness, while others argue that she opened a doorway to another dimension to take refuge with her dark gods. Whether she was dead or gone, what was certain was that her reign of terror was over.

I could find no other records about the fate of Ednah or the priestess after their destruction by the Knights Hospitaler. This leads me to believe that the land remained empty, most likely due to superstition and fear. If anything did happen during this time, those events were lost in the sands of time. Some documents I found did tell of a place of sexual deviation, a land where those who come to it were lost to their carnal desires. It is possible that this land mentioned is Ednah, but I have no conclusive proof. It seems that the sands of time covered any trace of the fate of Ednah and the priestess.

The next records I discovered come from the Victorian era. I happened upon the journals of Mrs. Eleanor Morgana Drake, a woman of wealth and stature. She claimed to be a Spiritualist and a Mesmerist who fled her home with her husband to escape from persecution and fear of death. Below is an account from her journals.

Friday, 31 October 1884.

It’s been months since we evaded our pursuers in Munich. We’d hoped taking the Orient Express would help us elude those who would do us harm, but that was a false hope. Today, though, I think we have finally found a place where we can finally stop running. We have not seen any signs of any pursuers since fleeing Munich, and have now found ourselves in what appears to be unclaimed land.

What is it about this place that entrances me thus? The ruins of the castle here seem to draw me to it. Lionel feels something about this place as well, and it’s urging him to continue our flight, a flight that has already spanned two years.

I say nay, it’s time we ended our flight. It’s Samhain, and the spirits beyond the veil are calling to me. There’s no mistaking that I was destined to find this place. Tonight, when the veil is at its thinnest, I shall speak with the spirits and ask them to reveal what has been hidden here. With their approval, Lionel and I shall make this our new home.

Saturday, 1 November 1884.

The spirits spoke to me. They were the ones that chased us off the Orient Express and guided us to these ruins. They have been waiting for ages, but wouldn’t tell me for what. Lionel and I will make this our home, and I’ll restore this place to its former glory.

Further reading into the journal revealed that Eleanor convinced her husband to use their wealth to remove the ruins of the castle and build a new manor house in its place. They hired a young woman to serve as a maid and began inviting people to their manor. The manor house quickly became known as a place of debauchery.

Eleanor’s last journal entry was dated Sunday, October 31, 1886. There was nothing special about it, just her typical talk of Samhain activities. What happened after that is unknown. It appears that Eleanor and Lionel disappeared. Mixed accounts state they had died, while others claim they merely vanished.

The manor house did not stay empty, despite the mysterious death or disappearance of the Drakes. Stories of the debauchery continued until the turn of the century. A town grew around the manor house, bringing the sexual depravity with it. At the same time, the house went through many owners, but none remained long. The only consistency seemed to be the maid hired by Eleanor. She was there just after it was built, and was there until the government attempted to put a stop to the wanton debauchery.
In January 1919, eager to put the trials of the Great War behind them, the government decided they needed to create a prison for women who were adulterers or otherwise sexually amoral. This prison was built a short distance from the manor house, and the women in the house at the time were the first to be incarcerated there.

It only took a couple years before the prison began suffering the effects of overpopulation. The debauchery had filled the manor house and the town that grew around it. The government kept responding to this situation with incarceration but realized more needed to be done. Water and power were brought to the prison in the summer of 1935. With them, the government found new ways to try to rehabilitate the prisoners. Water torture and the new procedure of electroshock therapy were introduced to the prisoners. An untold number of women died or were permanently damaged, mentally and physically, by these barbaric practices.

A newspaper article from November 1, 1952, revealed the fate of the prison. At some point during the night, a fire erupted. Fire crews were alerted, but none responded to the plight of the prisoners. As the walls burned around them, many women fled from the fire, while many others died in the blaze.

One of the oldest buildings in the town was a monastery built just before the turn of the century. It had been abandoned and empty after the incarcerations began. In June of 1955, it was acquired by Dr. Magnus Sinclair and converted into an insane asylum. From his own first-hand accounts in his journal, he seemed quite familiar with the history of the land. He had a fascination with the legends and desired to unlock all its secrets. The first entry in his journal is one of the most fascinating entries.

Scientific journal of Doctor Magnus Sinclair.
Monday, November 7, 1955.

All the lawyers have been bought and paid for, the old monastery refurbished and furnished, and I have hired my assistant. Today, the Sinclair Asylum will open its doors for business. I have advertised my asylum as a place where men and women could come to learn more about and be treated for all manner of sexual deviations. That is my intention on the surface, but my desire for the truth about this place can only be discovered by unlocking the secrets of those sexual deviations.

Over the past ten years, I have studied the legends surrounding this place, and the letter of Layamon proved to be the most interesting to me. It was said the priestess was opening doorways to hell. The scientist in me cannot rationalize the existence of hell, but I do believe in the presence of other dimensions. Perhaps the priestess’s “hell” is another one of those dimensions. Whatever it was, I am determined to find these doorways and prove the existence of other dimensions, and beings that dwell within them. Perhaps these dimensions could even help explain the stories of angels, demons, aliens, and monsters.

It seems clear to me that the sexual deviance that permeates this land appears to be tied to the existence of these other dimensions, and the priestess was the key. It could be that any one of the women that come here, willingly or no, could also contain the same key the priestess once held. Using science, I shall find a way to extract that information and unlock the answers that I dedicated my life to discover.

It was the doctor’s journal that helped me discover Layamon’s letter as well as many of the other pieces of information I used in my research. His writing is a fascination to read, and I would encourage others to study his works as well. I shall summarize the remainder of his studies here.

For thirty years Dr. Sinclair presided over the asylum. His assistant was always by his side. Men and women would come in, or be forced in, for treatment, but all of his more in-depth studies involved the women. The women that he believed showed the most promise for being the key, he would take into secret areas of the asylum for further scientific study.

Study is a very light word for what he did. I would classify it more as torture. He would operate on their bodies, which included their brains. He would drill through the head, the eyes, and even the nose. He removed various organs to study under the microscope. While his assistant maintained the primary functions of the asylum, he was able to perform his experiments in secrecy. This continued until October 1985, when all the mental asylums were closed by the government.

Scientific journal of Doctor Magnus Sinclair.
Friday, October 25, 1985.

Damn the government officials to hell!

For thirty years, I’ve been doing my research here. Today, they force me to kick everyone out to the streets and close my doors for good. I’m so close to discovering the truth I’ve spent the last forty years of my life searching for, only to see it slip through my fingers.

I don’t care what the government wants. My discoveries are so much more important. Other planes of existence with beings unlike any ever encountered. The liberation of all types of sexual activities from the oppression it still experiences today. Their tiny minds cannot comprehend the gravity of what I’m searching for. They may have taken away my constant supply of whores for my experiments, but the depravity is so prevalent in this land, they cannot stop my research.

My research will continue until I find the truth. This is my promise and my vow.

This was the last entry in Magnus’s journal. An article found in the newspaper the next day stated that he died in a car accident that night. Apparently, his body was never recovered. Soon after this, news articles began reporting the disappearances of women from the town, mostly prostitutes. Could it be that Magnus faked his death so that he might continue his experiments in secret? I was unable to find anything to answer that question.

The next twenty-five years didn’t see any significant changes. There were still reports of women going missing, as well as crime and rapes in older parts of town. Aside from the higher crime rates than in most areas, it really didn’t seem out of the ordinary.

In September 2010, a new University was founded in the town. It was called Lilitu University, after the Lilitu River that ran through the land. It was established far north of the river, to keep it away from the dangers and crimes to the south. It began to draw in new crowds of students, eager to learn and grow. Of course, as many students are prone to do, they brought their parties with them.

One of the students was Ancilla Darque, who had a vision of bringing together other girls from the university to a place they could call home. In August of 2017, she converted the old manor house into a sorority house, naming it Chi Tau Sorority.
Just days before the Sorority was opened, Alora Parthena came to the house to meet with Ancilla. She wasn’t a student and had no desire to pledge to the Sorority. Instead, she offered her services as a caretaker for the Sorority. In exchange, she only wanted food and boarding, and she would make sure the house always remained clean, no matter what happened inside the walls.

What happened inside, as well as what happened outside, became quickly apparent after the sisters began to pledge to the sorority. The parties around the town, especially inside the house, grew in intensity and debauchery. The sisters quickly became known as cum sluts. The sorority was also colloquially named Cum Slut Sorority.

My sister, Rose, was a student at the University and a sister in the Sorority. Just after the school year started, she brought me to the Sorority and introduced me to Ancilla. There was something about being in the Sorority and meeting Ancilla that stirred inside me. Rose had told me that Ancilla was a cousin of ours, which could possibly explain the connection I felt with her. There was still the fascination and entrancement with the land that had no apparent explanation. Like Eleanor centuries ago, I was drawn to this place, and I wasn’t sure why.

Ancilla, Rose and I decided to act upon that connection, and in March of 2018, we founded Chi Tau City. Lilitu University was renamed to Chi Tau University, and a city was born around it. The old town still exists on the south side of the Lilitu River. We rebuilt many areas near the Sorority and University, and I brought Stray Cat Lounge to the city.

There are still many secrets surrounding Chi Tau City, many of which I have discovered, and I am sure there are many I have yet to find. I’m inclined to believe that these legends of old are true. The lust is powerful in Chi Tau City, and there is something, or someone, driving it.