Stray Cat Lounge was founded as Darkwolf Lounge in June of 2016 by Trasee and Lola Darkwolf. It moved to Chi Tau City and is currently located in the heart of the city, just south of the Sorority house. In December of 2018, it was rebranded as Stray Cat Lounge. Stray Cat Lounge is owned by Trasee Darkwatch and managed by Merilee.

This is a live DJ venue for dancing, mingling, and other “sundry” actions.

Stray Cat Lounge is open to everyone to enjoy, and it hosts regular DJ events (make sure you have your music stream on).

As part of the city, we prefer chat to be “open” whenever possible, and you can expect  most people to be “in character” in the Lounge (to some extent at least), but the Lounge is a little more casual than the rest of the sim, so don’t be surprised by more OOC conversations.

Clothing is always optional at Stray Cat Lounge, and at many events you will be urged during the second half to go “as bare as you dare”.  Don’t be shy, we’re all friends here.

The Lounge has a lot of guests, and not all of them are residents of the city, so while you can expect to find quite a few “available” girls there, don’t think all of them are.

Look at tags first… if they are a Stray Cat Dancer or Companion, they are available to provide “services”.  If they have a Sorority tag on, they most likely are available.  If they have a tipjar, they are definitely available.  Anything else, you had better ask them, and make sure you respect their answer.

There is a bar and secondary dance floor upstairs, and there are backstage areas for the girls to get themselves ready, or to take private clients.

Come dance, enjoy the music, and have fun!