Alpha Tau Sigma Fraternity, A.K.A. Cum Feeder Fraternity, was founded in Chi Tau City in 2019. It’s purpose was to find those who loved to fill the Sorority Sisters’ desire for cum, and the fraternity members desire for sex. Over the time, it struggled to find it’s footing in the city. In March, 2022, Trasee took over the Fraternity with a desire to give it a refined purpose. The underlying purpose has not changed. The purpose of Cum Feeder Fraternity is in it’s name. Those in the Fraternity have pledged themselves to feeding the Cum Slut Sorority Sisters with cum. The name of the fraternity, Alpha Tau Sigma (ATΣ), stands for axiótimoi trofodótes spérmatos which literally means esteemed cum feeder.

The Fraternity is home to the Alpha Tau Sigma Fraternity Members. The Fraternity Members are guys, t-girls, herms, or the like who absolutely love to stuff girls and fill them with cum. They are eager to role play, eager to please, and eager to feed a slut’s need for cum. This isn’t about dominance, but about lust and cum.

If you love to have sex, love to stuff girls, love to fill and cover girls with your cum, then consider attending a Alpha Tau Sigma Fraternity orientation. If you’re a girl who loves cum, then consider attending a Chi Tau Sorority orientation. If neither the Fraternity or Sorority fits, then consider attending an orientation for Chi Tau City and find out all the exciting things the whole city has to offer.

One of the cornerstones of who we are in the Fraternity is our ability to enhance the experience through erotic role play and quality appearances. If you are a person who simply likes to change poses and offer a few grunts and “Oh yeah” type of responses, then the Fraternity may not be a place for you. Consider remaining in the city instead. If you don’t take pride in your appearance by using mesh avatars and clothing and updated animation overrides, then the Fraternity may not be a place for you, and you might consider remaining in the city instead. As Fraternity members, we want to take pride in everything we do in order to please the sluts and feed them the cum. If you want help improving your erotic role play or your appearance, we have a team known as ASS ready to help you step up your game.

To be clear, everyone is welcome to enjoy the city and even the fraternity grounds, regardless of role playing style, or lack thereof. We welcome all appearances, genders, creatures, and sexual persuasions. The city, of which the fraternity is part of, has so much to offer to everyone. It isn’t necessary to join either the Fraternity nor the Sorority, but if you think you have what it takes and have the desire to please the Sorority Sisters, then come to our orientation.

Thanks again for cumming, and please enjoy yourself!