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Articles By Trasee Darkwatch

Articles By Trasee Darkwatch

Great News Regarding Suburb Rentals

I’m here to bring good news about the suburb parcel rentals on the Residential region. If you were at the Admin Round Table today, you’ve already heard the news. As of today, the residential region sim count was upped from 20,000LI to 30,000LI. That means all the parcels have approximately 50% more LI to use … [ Continue Reading ]

Star Light, Star Bright

For almost my entire time in Second Life, I have had a place of my own. I started with a small home on a 512m parcel. From there, I slowly increased the size of my home and my land. As my home became larger, I started having ideas of wanting that home to be open … [ Continue Reading ]

Help! Meri Has Shut Down my RP Idea! I Can’t RP Here! She Micromanages the RP.

We hear that statement quite frequently and one that often goes around the rumor mills. The problem with that statement is, 99% of the time, it is a complete misrepresentation of the situation. Most of the time, the person making that statement had some grand idea that completely disregarded Meri’s advice on how to get … [ Continue Reading ]

New Event Calendar

Hey everyone! I’ve still been making changes and improvements to the blog. The latest change was to our Event Calendar. Our calendar is a functional calendar instead of just a view of upcoming events. It is reading the data from our Google Calendar and displaying it in Pacific Time, which, of course, is Second Life … [ Continue Reading ]

Fraternity Accomplishments Updated

It’s been a busy month since rolling out the new Fraternity and City paths and advancements. When we rolled out the new changes, we started with what we had, but what we had was not enough for our Fraternity Members to fully advance in the Fraternity. In addition, some of the accomplishments were more geared … [ Continue Reading ]

Blog Optimization

It was not just you. Our blog was incredibly slow. I spent all evening optimizing the blog as much as I could, removing old plugins, deleting unused data, adding optimization plugins. I’m happy to say that we’ve seen a significant improvement in the site speed and responsiveness. At the same time, though, you might have … [ Continue Reading ]

Events, Parties and Achievements

Once upon a time, only the Sorority had Achievements and Requirements in order to advance in grades. Later, the Fraternity had Achievements followed by Accomplishments in order to join the Fraternity. Today, the Fraternity has Accomplishments to advance in grades and the City has Activities in order to move up from Tourist eventually reaching Citizen. … [ Continue Reading ]