In August of 2017, Ancilla founded Chi Tau Sorority. She had a vision for bringing together other cum sluts in the Sorority with the desire that if she built it the horny men would cum. Her reasons and motivations are better left for her to explain, but in a very general sense, that was the original idea. When Ancilla and I came together and founded Chi Tau City with the ideals of the Sorority, things grew from there, eventually becoming the community that it is today.

We don’t have an exact date for the founding of the Fraternity, but it was sometime in 2019. Originally, those who were feeding the sisters were invited into the Sorority group. They were VIPs that were our feeders. In 2019, we spun that out into Alpha Tau Sigma Fraternity. The purpose was to find those who would be able to feed the girls, those who were dedicated and the girls could count on to provide for their needs. Yet, still, the fledgling Fraternity floundered, unable to find its appropriate footing. Meanwhile, the Sorority continued to grow, accepting into it all types, including those who probably would have been better served by the Fraternity group.

Now, four years after founding of the city, Ancilla has handed the Fraternity over to me. Ancilla, Meri and I have gone through and spent the month of February making changes to the Sorority, Fraternity and City groups. The goal was to make each group roughly equivalent of each other. We have always stated that the city group was our core group, that there was no reason to be in one of the other two groups unless you fit into a very specific role. Now, we have made that even more apparent. City, Sorority and Fraternity all have comparable “progression paths.” The Sorority was founded on advancing in grades from Pledge to Freshman, to Sophomore, to Junior, to Senior to Graduate. Now, we have an identical path for the Fraternity as well. Even the city has it’s own progression, which will be talked more about in a future post, after I update the city information here on the blog.

As of today, both the Sorority Achievements and the Fraternity Accomplishments as well as the descriptions of both groups have been updated here on the blog. One thing existing Sorority members will notice is that the number of required events and hosting has increased. One reason for that is because we felt that advancing was just becoming too easy, and just some goal posts for people to get through as quickly as possible. That was never the intention of the achievements and the accomplishments. It was never about what grade a person was, or how quickly one reached that grade. What we want people to realize is that it isn’t  race, it is a journey. It is tool to give ideas and another way to enjoy your time in the city. Advancing in grades is meant to be a fun journey, not something that would cause someone stress or for a trophy to put on your shelf. Yes, you can get to graduate, which is a rewarding experience, but that shouldn’t be the goal, the goal should be having fun and participating in all the different ways we have to participate.

One of the other areas we found that we were off-balance in was where people were putting their focus. Everyone seemed to think that the Sorority was the group you had to be in to be part of the community. As a result, the Sorority was getting a lot of people joining it who weren’t really cum sluts nor had any interest in playing with the guests. They joined so they could get access to other girls or because they thought it was the place to be. Now, with the changes to the Sorority, Fraternity and City groups, we are proclaiming to everyone that it doesn’t matter which group you’re in, you are already a part of the community. Even if you decide to just remain a tourist in the city, you are just as much a part of the community as someone who is advancing in the Sorority or the Fraternity.

The City group, which still needs to be updated here on the blog, is our core group. Everyone is a part of the City group, starting out as a Tourist. Anyone can join and all new visitors are encouraged to join. Joining the city group will open the visitor up to our notices and our group chats, so they can find out when things are happening in the city as they happen. At some point after spending time in the city, the tourist may want to start along the Welcome Path. The Welcome Path is a new path that was created that gives everyone an overview of the city, the Sorority and the Fraternity. It lets them know, at a high level, who we are as well as giving information about the city and our groups. Completing this path will allow the Tourist to attend an orientation for the Sorority, Fraternity or City. The orientation, tailored to the specific group, is required if one wants to join or advance in that group. Of course. because each group has its own purpose, the teams doing the Orientations will want to make sure that you are actually joining the correct group for your interests.

The city group is for everyone. Whether you are in the city for sex or just for the community, the city group is for you. We have activities that involve sex and those that don’t. More about advancement in the city will be covered after I get the city information updated. There reason to join the Sorority or the Fraternity should be because you feel like you fit the description of the person that the group was intended for.

The Sorority is for girls who identify as cum sluts. A cum slut is a girl who desires and craves cum. Eating it, having every hole filled with it, even having your skin and hair covered in it. That doesn’t mean you only crave cum, you could have many other kinks in addition to that, as all kinks are welcome in the city and the Sorority. What it does mean, though, is that you fully identify with being a cum slut, and that by joining the Sorority, you would want that desire to be filled. That also means that you should be encouraging our guests to give you cum. It shouldn’t be just sisters together, but the sisters trying to bring guys in to suck their cocks, get their cum, and be otherwise filled by them. Sorority sisters should be putting guests and fraternity members above other sisters.

The Fraternity, on the other hand, is for anyone who desires to provide the Sorority sisters with their strongly desired cum. That means the Fraternity is open to males, t-girls, herms, and so on. Anyone with a cock and the ability to produce cum is a potential fraternity member. Of course, the fraternity member also brings with them a certain amount of pride in their desire to please the Sorority Sisters. This pride shows itself in their ability and desire to join in erotic role play, as opposed to just moving through the poses and sending the occasional grunt or “Oh yeah.” This pride also shows itself in the fraternity member’s appearance. Like the Sorority Sisters, they put effort into their appearance, often using mesh bodies and quality clothing. Quality doesn’t necessarily mean costly either, as there are plenty of low to no cost items out there that will help the Fraternity member look their best. Also, we have a team, known as ASS, that are happy to help anyone improve their appearance.

So, our sisters should be putting themselves out there for use by guests and fraternity members. They are sluts, but not slaves, so while they have a right to say no, they should not be playing with other sisters while guests are present. Likewise, our fraternity members should be putting themselves out there as well. They should be approaching new female guests and sorority sisters to play with them. They shouldn’t be just standing in the back of a party, hoping to be picked by a girl. If you’re not in the mood to play, there are city events where playing is optional.

Who should be in the Sorority? Any girl that identifies as a cum slut, craves cum, and desires to get that cum as often as possible. The sorority does welcome t-girls, herms and sissies, but not gay males. They have to appear to be female, even if they have a little extra. Know that the target audience for the Sorority is female, so any non-binary in the Sorority will have a slight disadvantage as there are guys who will only play with females. That being said, if a non-binary is a true cum slut, and is joining so that they can receive cum, as opposed to giving it themselves, then they are welcome to join the Sorority. If you are more comfortable giving as opposed to receiving, consider joining the Fraternity or remaining in the city group instead.

Who should be in the Fraternity? Anyone that has a cock and the ability to produce cum in any quantity, and desires to give that cum to females and non-binary girls in the Sorority or even in the city. This means males, t-girls, herms, and the like are encouraged to join the Fraternity. While the Sorority is female centric, the Fraternity is cock centric. As stated previously, those in the Fraternity also take pride in erotic role play and their appearance. It doesn’t have to be perfect, but there’s a difference between doing nothing and at least making attempts. If this doesn’t sound like you, then the city group is the best group for you.

It is not necessary to be in the Sorority or Fraternity. Being in one or the other doesn’t give any additional benefits beyond what the city group gives. The community is the same, regardless of which group you choose, and what grade you’ve achieved. The only difference is what you choose to put into it. If you find that you’re in the wrong group, you can easily switch groups. There’s no shame or disgrace in realizing that you’re a better fit for the Fraternity or City group, in fact we encourage you to find the best fit for yourself. I have chosen to take over the Fraternity and to start over along the Fraternity path because I feel it is a better fit for me. Tana has chosen to follow the path in the city, as she feels it is a better fit for her. The point is this, if you don’t fit the purpose of the group, there’s no shame in switching groups, as we’re all in the same community, and we should have fun regardless of the group we’re in.

One final comment, if you’re a Sorority Sister and you see a new guest, especially males, reach out to them. Talk to them and make them feel welcome. Take a tip out of Mia’s playbook and offer them a welcome blow job. It’s easy to get into cliques in social settings, easy to get caught up with people we know and are comfortable with. It is much more rewarding to show people that they are a welcome part of the community that could become the next sorority sister, fraternity member, or citizen in Chi Tau.