A note to returning members, and existing ones too

Hi everyone.

I would like to take a moment to urge any sister that has never had the opportunity to attend an orientation to please do so.  There is a lot of good information given out.

Additionally, any sisters that have been away since before we had orientations, i will require you to attend an orientation before you can move up in grades.  The information you get from orientations is important.

Also, if you haven’t done the paths yet, even if you are already a higher grade, i think those are important too, so please take the time to do them if you haven’t already.  Plus they’re pretty fun.

Thank you everyone.



Chi Tau Tattoos

Now available in the University Store!!! Chi Tau Tattoos!!! These are the Chi Tau “XT” letters, Omega appliers only, there are appliers for the Shoulder Blade, Breast, Tramp Stamp, Pussy, Inner Thigh, Ankle and Ass cheek. and YES, they are FREE to members!

(please only wear one tattoo at a time… for me)

I don’t have pictures (they overlap many of my existing tattoos), but they’re free, so give them a try.

September Blowjob Contest Winner!

Blowjob Contest: We have a winner with 6 votes.
Winner is firecatcassie Resident and receives L$100.
firecatcassie Resident has won the ‘Chi Tau Cocksucker Collar’. Congratulations!

Blowjob Contest, L$100, Votes: 28
AncillaDarque Resident 0
firecatcassie Resident 6
Cream Release 2
rylanredghost Resident 0
Tylon Ireto 2
aurora9285 Resident 0
vulvaaa Resident 0
MiaJ23 Resident 5
Ustiwayayona Resident 1
LittleMissJamie Resident 3
SyphaethraKageDreams Res 0
Erica Aboubakar 0
acorico1 Resident 0
Lyndsey93 Resident 4
BeccaMyer Resident 0
Odienne Milneaux 0
MartinaLovelee Resident 0
Indygo Moonbeam 0
rachael Direwytch 0
Kara Hawk 0
swampwarrior Resident 0
KatieRoa Resident 0
Duskjane Resident 1
Eonya Resident 0
Terra Chester 1
LylaPayne Resident 2
CreamyAu Resident 1

Change to tags

I have made some changes to the sorority tags.  Don’t worry, no one has been demoted, but this provides a clearer delineation between guests and sisters.

The Everyone tag has been changed to Chi Tau Guest.

The Pledge tag has been changed from Sorority Slut to Chi Tau Sorority (you can still use this when you are off sim and need something G-Rated).

The Freshman tag has been changed from Sorority Cocksleeve to Sorority Slut. (cocksleeve has been dropped).

No other changes have been made in the sorority group.

Thank you for your understanding.


Thoughts on Roleplay in Chi Tau

A few things have happened recently that made me think about how RP is handled at Chi Tau. I wanted to share my thoughts with all of you.

First is how parties work. Anyone can choose to host a RP party at the sim (coordinating with Admins is necessary to keep things within our scope), but only those hosted by official Chi Tau affiliates (i.e. sisters or admins, and in the future Student Union members) can be counted for the achievements.

Second, if you are going to RP, make sure your RP stays within the limits of what is possible… if you are RPing doing two things at once, one of them may limit how you perform the other (you can have sex while doing something else, but it will keep you from being particularly effective at it).

Third, while it is within a persons rights to RP as an asshole, they should expect there to be repurcussions… both within the RP, and if it creates too much drama on the sim, in OOC as well.

Fourth, if you CHOOSE to RP as an asshole in the “cotton candy sex” areas of the sim, then you are probably making a poor choice and can expect some “drama limitation” to be applied to you. This may be acceptable in the seedier parts of town, but people come to the bright areas to relax and have fun, and if you are RPing an asshole, you are being counterproduyctive.

I don’t like limiting people’s RP choices, but i do have a responsibility to limit drama.

Also, we are “Cum Slut City”… if you come here and have a problem with public sex… well, maybe you shouldn’t come here.

Thank you


If you are a freshman or higher and you don’t have access to the “sorority-house” channel on discord, get a hold of me in world with your discord username and i’ll get you set up.

August Blowjob Contest Winners

Blowjob Contest: We have a tie for winner with 4 votes each.
Winners are zAISHAz Resident and Kara Hawk, and receive L$100 each.
zAISHAz Resident and Kara Hawk have won the ‘Chi Tau Cocksucker Collar’. Congratulations!

Blowjob Contest, L$100, Votes: 25
cwynyd Resident 1
LittleMissJamie Resident 1
zAISHAz Resident 4
Antinihilist Resident 0
Pamela Vanbrugh 0
Kara Hawk 4
Hazeltop117 Resident 0
Mandy Galileo 0
Thorn Marat 1
Tina4toy Resident 1
Gvyneth Resident 1
MartinaLovelee Resident 1
Alicia Mureaux 1
MorgLock Resident 1
TripRift Resident 0
Shakena Loxely 0
Cindy Falta 3
Kitty Raymation 1
CherryMuffin Resident 0
Eva Causten 1
Platyum Resident 1
Erica Aboubakar 2
Trillian Baxton 1
AlexaMillbrook Resident 0


As a reminder, please try to discourage the boys and non-sisters from trying to sign up for the contest, i will just remove them.


New Cum Slut City Flickr Group

Cum Slut City has had a Flickr account linked to the blog since our blog was released. It was an account that allowed members to upload pictures directly from the blog into the Flickr account. At the time, there was no Flickr group, so the only way to share your photos was to upload it from the site. That is no longer the case. We now have a Flickr Group that you can join and share your Flickr photos directly from your Flickr account. Pictures shared in this group will be displayed on our Gallery page here on the blog.

Our existing Flickr Account, containing all the pictures previously uploaded over the past several months: https://www.flickr.com/photos/chi_tau_city

Our new Flickr Group which is now open for you to join: https://www.flickr.com/groups/chitaucity

This group is only for pictures taken in Cum Slut City, Cum Slut Sorority or Stray Cat Lounge. If you have pictures outside of the city that you want to share, please feel free to do so in the art gallery on Discord, and leave the group for city pictures only.

One other note. The Gallery Upload feature on the blog is currently broken, which is one of the reasons why we created the group. Fixing that feature will depend on whether it is needed or not. With the new group set up and working, uploading from the blog may not be necessary.

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