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We’ve come a long way in the last two years.  We’ve grown the sim, and the membership, and as a family.

We’ve reached the limits of what we can do on our own, both with the sim and financially.

We are reaching out to you, our family, to help us out.  Help us to keep Chi Tau thriving, and to grow and expand moving forward.

To achieve this we have set up a Patreon page so that you can help support us.

If you love Chi Tau as much as we do, and you desire to help support us, please consider a monthly donation on Patreon.  All the finances will go directly back into the sim, to support us and to enable us to grow.

Visit to donate.  We appreciate any and every donation, no matter how large or small, and we thank you.

March Blowjob Contest Winners!

Blowjob Contest: We have winners with 4 votes each.
Winners are BeccaMyer Resident, Audie Revnik, and KaydenLeigh Resident 4 and receives L$33 each.
BeccaMyer Resident, Audie Revnik, and KaydenLeigh Resident have won the ‘Chi Tau Cocksucker Collar’.

Blowjob contest, L$100, Votes: 28
AncillaDarque Resident 0
Cooch Legend 2
DarksideTinkerbell Resid 1
BeccaMyer Resident 4
AlexaMillbrook Resident 0
MiaJ23 Resident 2
Audie Revnik 4
ZeiraSahar Resident 2
Erby Gilgandra 0
KaydenLeigh Resident 4
PennyRGAnte Resident 1
MartinaLovelee Resident 0
acorico1 Resident 0
Odienne Milneaux 1
Nesliyah Resident 2
RaevanAngelica Resident 0
Trillian Baxton 1
Sagadin Resident 2
Leningrad Hinterland 1
JoanPercy Resident 1

Feb. ’20 Blowjob Contest Winner!

Blowjob Contest: We have a winner with 15 votes.
Winner is EmilyBennson Resident and receives L$100.
EmilyBennson Resident has won the ‘Chi Tau Cocksucker Collar’. Congratulations!

Contest Board V2.30 Pro: Blowjob Contest, L$100, Votes: 42
AncillaDarque Resident 0
Cooch Legend 1
Amandafuller89 Resident 1
CougarLady4U Resident 3
firecatcassie Resident 0
EmilyBennson Resident 15
KaydenLeigh Resident 3
ZeiraSahar Resident 0
Pussy Milneaux 1
inestai Resident 0
Rayne Menna 1
acorico1 Resident 1
RachelAldana2 Resident 0
BeccaMyer Resident 5
DarksideTinkerbell Resid 8
Erby Gilgandra 0
Deviant Pixelmaid 0
MiaJ23 Resident 0
kellylynnxx Resident 0
Dfloyd74 Resident 1
Sagadin Resident 0
RaevanAngelica Resident 1
Skylarsaur Resident 0
Nesliyah Resident 0
AlexaMillbrook Resident 0
Niki Wiskee 1

Chi Tau Lend Me Your Ears!

A great many of you want to “help” and we really appreciate that. The best way to help is to simply spend time on sim playing. The key word there is not time but play. 15 minutes of great RP is better than an hour of afk. There are two issues here that seem to need addressing.

AFK is allowed in Chi Tau but certain areas are not for AFK ~ the bus station, the sorority house, Stray Cat, and the streets and sidewalks between those buildings.. Further, long term AFK, (i.e. more than overnight) is not really wanted. Zombies are welcome in Chi Tau if they move and moan and fuck or get fucked. Otherwise, silent immobile living statues are discouraged. If you insist on going afk for longer term, please do it away from high traffic areas. If confused ask an admin or Founder.

As to helping in more concrete ways; there is a Development Team if you have scripting or building skills. This requires joining our Discord. Chi Tau Textures, logos, emblems, crests, etcetera are not public. They are the intellectual property of Chi Tau Management. Please, under no circumstances duplicate the aforementioned for any use without speaking to Founders or Admins first.

Donations are always welcome. They help us do more. There are donation “boxes” in the bus station, at the sorority, and at Stray Cat. That said, if we had to choose between your playing here or donating, we would choose playing.

Thank you for your attention.

Blowjob Contest Winner, January 2020

Blowjob Contest: We have a winner with 8 votes.
Winner is MartinaLovelee Resident, she recieves L$100.
MartinaLovelee Resident, she’s won the ‘Chi Tau Cocksucker Collar’. Congratulations!

Blowjob Contest, L$100, Votes: 22
AncillaDarque Resident 0
MiaJ23 Resident 1
MartinaLovelee Resident 8
Erby Gilgandra 1
Marina24k Resident 1
kellylynnxx Resident 3
AlexaMillbrook Resident 0
JessRogen Resident 2
ShadowMouse Resident 1
Tinkerbelle Diesel 0
ZeiraSahar Resident 0
Rhea Riel 1
acorico1 Resident 1
bimbodebra Resident 0
Cooch Legend 1
Hypatia Munro 0
Sagadin Resident 0
Kelly Plubeau 0
Trillian Baxton 1
JoanPercy Resident 1
LittleMissJamie Resident 0

ATΣ Comes to Chi Tau

The first weekend of 2020 boasts the grand opening of a new chapter of Alpha Tau Sigma (ATΣ). The new House opens it’s doors in Chi Tau City. The Chapter House is a new construction near the University Block in Uptown, on the grounds next to the Hardcore Gym. The land long vacant and undeveloped was purchased by land management company and leased to ATΣ for use as a Fraternity House.

A weekend-long celebration is planned for Saturday, January 4th through Sunday, January 5th. Rides, games, and an Open House are the only things the promoters will admit to. If Chi Tau history is any indicator, there is bound to be lots of sex.

Plans for the Fraternity have been a closely held secret. A spokesperson for the ATΣ has expressed high hopes for the Fraternity’s involvement in Chi Tau, long dominated by the Cum Slut Sorority. Only time will tell how well the girls and boys play together.

Revision of Decision regarding Picture Pinboard

After long consideration, i hate the idea of losing our picture board, or even replacing it with something simpler.

Therefore, instead of removing it, i will simply be clearing it every month to avoid the accumulation of scripts we had previously seen.

This does mean that at the beginning of each month we will need NEW PICTURES!

So come post your pics and show us all the fun you have at Chi Tau!

Sorority House Picture Board

As you probably know, we have a picture board in the front room of the sorority house.  I’ve loved having it and seeing the pictures you all post on it.  However, every picture on the board is 1 prim, 2 scripts, so it is with a heavy heart that i will be removing it this weekend.

If you would like to continue sharing your pictures, and i encourage you to do so, please post them to our Flickr group.

For more information on how to use the Flickr group, see here:

and here:

Thank you for your understanding.



December Blowjob Contest Winners!

Blowjob Contest: We have a tie with 3 votes each.
Winners are firecatcassie Resident and Kaitlyn1995 Resident, each recieves L$50.
firecatcassie Resident and Kaitlyn1995 Resident have won the ‘Chi Tau Cocksucker Collar’. Congratulations!

[16:42] Contest Board V2.30 Pro: Blowjob Contest, L$100, Votes: 22
AncillaDarque Resident 1
ZeiraSahar Resident 2
NathalieWescott Resident 2
inestai Resident 1
firecatcassie Resident 3
SyphaethraKageDreams Res 0
BeccaMyer Resident 0
onyx Marabana 1
xLucyDollx Resident 0
Davmar Hykova 0
bimbodebra Resident 0
ashbungan Resident 0
MartinaLovelee Resident 1
Apollyon Tungsten 0
RaevanAngelica Resident 2
Kelly Plubeau 0
Kaitlyn1995 Resident 3
Trillian Baxton 1
Odienne Milneaux 1
Erby Gilgandra 0
Tinkerbelle Diesel 1
NamyWamy Resident 0
MiaJ23 Resident 1
rylanredghost Resident 0

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