We have three rules here, but they cover a lot.

  1. Respect the city.
  2. Respect the citizens.
  3. Respect immersion.

The city is here for your enjoyment. Clean up after yourself, and don’t do anything which would disrupt how the city functions.

All types of citizens make up Chi Tau City, and everyone should be treated with respect. The girls may be sluts, but not all of them are slaves. Ask politely, be respectful, and remember that no means no.

This is a role playing sim. Everyone here is in character. That means if you want to speak to someone, speak to them in local. IMs are meant for phone calls, text messages, or OOC comments.

You should walk to your destination, or use the buses to move around. Do not sit teleport from one place to another, or ask someone to teleport you across the sim. If you can’t do it in real life, please don’t do it here. Also, don’t talk about real life here. It has no place in a role playing sim.

For detailed information, please read the Chi Tau City Covenant.