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Chi Tau City

Chi Tau City

Changes to rentals to encourage Whoring!

I have changed some of the rentals to encourage “working girls” on the sim. The Trailers are now daily rentals, 10L$/Day… you can rent multiple days if you choose, or just rent for a day of “working”. Also, the Motel now has hourly rentals on the rooms (5L$, make the client pay for the room). … [ Continue Reading ]

Cum Slut City has a new logo

In addition to the picture you see on the welcome sign, the city also now has a Logo. You’ll see it on various object around the sim, but here’s a preview for you!

New Map Teleports!

The Map on the back wall of the Train Station is now a fully functional “one-way” teleporter. You can use it to teleport to the location you want, but keep in mind, once you teleport you are immersed, there is no return teleporter, so use the buses! Kisses ~Ancilla

Blowjob Contest Winner June 24, 2018

Congratulations Aura Moonkill on winning this weeks contest: Contest, L$900, Votes: 35 AncillaDarque Resident 0 ZeiraSahar Resident 2 Trasee Darkwatch 2 Aura Moonkill 15 Shadia Ryba 3 Jeffro Kraft 4 Gretavanfleet Resident 6 KhalishaKay Resident 0 darkHATE203 Resident 0 Jinee Larnia 2

Blowjob Contest Winner June 17, 2018

Announcing the winner for the Blowjob Contest!.And the Winner is….. Congratulations!!! Orbit Boogiewoogie  is the winner! Contest statistics: Contest, L$1050, Votes: 19 Trasee Darkwatch 3 Shadia Ryba 4 ZeiraSahar Resident 0 Jeffro Kraft 1 Orbit Boogiewoogie 9 AncillaDarque Resident 1 Daione Resident 1 Talira Galaxy 0

Sorority Uniforms

Girls of Cum Slut Sorority! If you have started the achievements and been made a freshman, you should have received a “welcome package” (if you didn’t, let Ancilla or Trasee know and they can get that taken care of). If you have received the welcome package, you can purchase the sorority uniform if you would … [ Continue Reading ]

Sorority Crest and Motto!

Cum Slut Sorority has a new crest and a motto! The motto can be seen in the ribbon below the shield. Πάντα πεινασμένος για σπέρμα In “non-greek letters” it’s Pánta peinasménos gia spérma which translates to “Always hungry for cum”. We are hoping to start putting the crest and motto on some clothing for the … [ Continue Reading ]

Blowjob Contest Prize!

In addition to getting the prize money from the contest, the winner of the weekly sorority Blowjob Contest also receives an exclusive “Chi Tau Cocksucker” collar. This collar is a decorative white collar with pink text that says “Chi Tau Cocksucker” around it.  It can only be gotten by winning a blowjob contest. Kisses ~Ancilla

Pictures for the Sex Shop

Hey sorority sisters!  As many of you may know, there is a sex shop in the Red Light District.  You may or may not also know that the shelves of product in the shop will give out a random picture of a sorority girl when clicked. Well, I need more pictures for the shelves!!!  Help … [ Continue Reading ]