Changes to rentals to encourage Whoring!

I have changed some of the rentals to encourage “working girls” on the sim.
The Trailers are now daily rentals, 10L$/Day… you can rent multiple days if you choose, or just rent for a day of “working”.
Also, the Motel now has hourly rentals on the rooms (5L$, make the client pay for the room).
In addition, there are Ad Boards on the Motel for “advertising your services”… the Ad Boards are free, but do require the City Group to rent them.

Trailers – 10L$/Day, 40 prim allowance, unfurnished. You can rent multiple days.
Motel Rooms – 5L$/Hour, furnished. You can rent multiple hours, but make the client pay for it.
Ad Boards – Available on the Motel and on each Trailer. Free for daily rentals, up to 7 days at time.

Ad Boards will show your online status. You can load up to 5 textures as a slide show, up to 5 notecards (make sure one is your current rates), 1 object to give away as a free gift, and 1 sound.

Happy Whoring!!

-Additionally, don’t forget, there are Dorms available for sorority sisters to rent, and there are Apartments and Townhouses available for anyone to rent.


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