Changes to Sorority Tags! Pledges and Guests!

Once upon a time, I would go through the member list and update new members to either “pledge” or “VIP guest” as appropriate.

Fortunately, we have grown too large for me to continue this practice.

As a result I have decided to change the way pledging and becoming a VIP are handled.

In order to become a pledge, you must request it directly from me (Ancilla) or a sorority moderator (anyone with the Sorority Caretaker tag)… OR be recommended by another sorority class member (freshman or higher).

To become a VIP Guest, you MUST be recommended by a sorority class member (again, freshman or higher).

I will be going through the member list one last time and removing the pledge and guest tags from everyone except those that I know to have already requested/earned them.

If you know of someone that should either become or remain a pledge or vip guest, please notify me and I will make sure they are not downgraded.

NO ONE will be removed from the group during this process, and class members (freshmen, sophomores, juniors, seniors, graduates) will NOT be affected by this change.

Also, the tag for VIP Guests will be changed… they will now read “Sorority Feeder”… unless someone recommends something that I like better.

Thank you all.


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