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Chi Tau City

Chi Tau City

Achievements re-written

Cum Slut Sorority Achievements have been re-written to utilizes “groupings” of achievements. This makes it easier to add achievements, and hopefully easier to find them in the list. The in world list is available from the bookshelf in the Train Station as always, and includes an embedded notecard with both numbering systems for cross reference.  … [ Continue Reading ]

Blowjob Contest Winner June 3, 2018

Announcing the winner for the Contest: Blowjob Contest. And the Winner is….. Congratulations!!! JizzeleLove Resident is the winner! Contestants:15 JizzeleLove Resident has 20 votes Orbit Boogiewoogie has 11 votes Slushie Adored has 2 votes AncillaDarque Reside has 2 votes NyomiMarcela Residen has 2 votes incorporeal Resident has 2 votes ZeiraSahar Resident has 2 votes Trasee … [ Continue Reading ]

Chi Tau Sorority Updates end of May 2018

Time for another semi-monthly update! Check the event board in the train station regularly to keep up on the goings-on.  I keep adding stuff. Current events are DJ’d Parties Saturdays and Tuesdays at Darkwolf Loung, and Thursdays at Cum Slut Sorority. I’m still hoping to add more DJ events soon. We now have weekly blowjob … [ Continue Reading ]