Thanks to the hard work of Lora Swords, we have a new and improved method of getting the updated user names and profile pictures from Second Life. Our Sorority pages, with the girls listed by grade, was painfully slow in loading, but is now extremely fast. That was the last area of slowness on the blog, so hopefully everything will now operate smoothly.

The staff pages have been updated as have all the Sorority pages (Freshmen through Graduate). We have added pages for Fraternity, but currently only have Freshmen and Sophomores in the Fraternity. We have pages for the city ranks as well, but those still need to be updated, so no one will show up yet, but rest assured, we are getting there. So, check them out. If you don’t see your name on the appropriate grade for the Sorority, reach out to Ancilla. If you don’t see your name in the appropriate grade for the Fraternity, reach out to Trasee. Finally, after the city groups are updated, if you don’t see your name, reach out to Meri.

There’s still more features coming to the blog, so be on the lookout!