For almost my entire time in Second Life, I have had a place of my own. I started with a small home on a 512m parcel. From there, I slowly increased the size of my home and my land. As my home became larger, I started having ideas of wanting that home to be open to others to enjoy as well. My actual home was private, but I would build forests, glades, streams, beaches and so on with the hopes that others would enjoy it as well. I thought maybe I could start a club, but for the longest time, it was mostly just a place that I used for spontaneous family dances, and not anything that really took off. I even started buying up a lot of a mainland area and tried my hand at renting homes for others to use. Needless to say, that didn’t work out either.

As I was doing this, I was also moving from one relationship to the next. One girlfriend I had, whom I was very close to, left Second Life rather suddenly, and I was left broken for quite a while. I went to a Master with his family, which was quite the toxic relationship. It was unfortunately the first of many toxic relationships I had. I needed the love and the companionship, the relationship, but that seemed to not be the case. I did have one Mistress, though, that did help me get my club going. We had a homestead and the club was part of it. I still was hoping people would enjoy what I had built, but for the most part, it was just me and her there. Then I met Ancilla and found out about her Sorority, Chi Tau Sorority. Soon after, we combined my club with her sorority on a rented full region, and Chi Tau City was born.

With our ideas combined, we both worked to build a city that people would want to come to and enjoy. We weren’t building it for us, we were building it for our guests. Guests who would later become friends and even family. Ancilla and I grew closer as we built our city and our closeness very soon led to our marriage. We had the wedding in the city and there were many there to join us. The city had only been around for a few months, but already there were those who were starting to find their home in the city, and many of them attended our wedding. Finding a special someone with Ancilla and seeing the city starting to grow has made me very thankful. The city has grown from one landlord rented region to three full sims and two homesteads that we rent directly from LL. Ancilla and I are still happily married and love each other very much. If that was all, it is still more than enough to be thankful for. There is more to share, though.

In September 2020, I suffered a stroke. I was away from the city for about a month while I recovered. Meri, Ancilla and others put together parties in my name, and people were coming together to show me support, even though I couldn’t be there to see it. I heard all about what was happening through Meri and Ancilla, and it was extremely touching. There were times it brought me to tears with how thankful I was. It wasn’t about the Lindens that were being given in my absence. It was about the love from those in the city that have become like a family. The caring that was shown touched me very deeply, and it is something I’m still thankful for about the city.

As I said, Ancilla and I love each other very much, something that will never change. Despite that, there was something that we both recognized she couldn’t give me. She couldn’t give me that connection I had always longed for. Doesn’t mean our love is any less, it is just a different type of love, just as important, and just as true. So, as a result, I continued jumping from one toxic relationship to the next. It came to a point where, when my life got extra busy, I just decided to pull completely away. I would come to the city for my DJ sets or to deal with important city related tasks, but beyond that, I was nowhere to be found. As I was still keeping up on things with the city, I started hearing about Star. I don’t know what it was, but something inside told me that I should meet her, if only to make a new friend. I decided to start logging in a little more, in hopes that our paths might cross. One night, at a Fraternity dance party, I did see her. After, we went to her house and talked. It wasn’t long before I was logging in more to see her. She went from Star, to Miss Star, to Mommy, and just this past Saturday, she also became my wife.¬†This one, like before, was held in the city. The number of people in attendance was almost unbelievable, as were the number of people who wanted to attend but were unable to do so. Like two years prior, I could see the love of my friends and family in the city, this time more directly. That made me very thankful.

Yes, I’m married to both Ancilla and Star. I love them both very much, and my love for them won’t waver. At the wedding, I asked Tana to play “Lucky Star” by Madonna. Those lyrics really do express how much Star means to me. I never even thought I’d be a “babygirl” or call anyone “Mommy,” yet she brought that out in me. She sees me for who I am, not for who she wants me to be. She is there for me in good times and in bad. She doesn’t hold my mistakes over my head, and teaches me with love, not with anger. I’m not perfect, nor is she, and we both recognize it, and lift each other up when we fall. We have the connection that I’ve been longing for since the first girlfriend that left me broken. I haven’t been this happy in I don’t know how long. Sure, I’ve had periods of happiness, but haven’t been this incredibly happy. Yes, I’m very happy with Ancilla and love her greatly, but my relationship with Ancilla is different, not less, than what I have with Star.

Star is my Lucky Star, my Star shining brightly in the darkness, always there to guide me home. I’m thankful beyond words that we have found each other, that she is not only my Mommy Domme, but also my Wife.