It’s been a busy month since rolling out the new Fraternity and City paths and advancements. When we rolled out the new changes, we started with what we had, but what we had was not enough for our Fraternity Members to fully advance in the Fraternity. In addition, some of the accomplishments were more geared toward the “old way” so they didn’t quite fit with the new advancement scenario. So, this past month, I spent a lot of time getting the list updated. Rhia was a huge help in the process as well. Ethan, Meri, and Ancilla also assisted with the process. So, effective at midnight tonight, as we move into April, our new Accomplishment list will go into effect.

You might ask yourself, what about the old accomplishments I earned? Well, they still count. Most of them converted to the new list, so you just need to update the number in your profile pick. If you can’t find it on the new list, keep it on your pick because you will not lose it. You are not going to be penalized just because something didn’t carry over.

So, go check out the new Fraternity pages here on the blog. Find out more about it. See what is required to advance in grades. Learn about the new accomplishments. Most importantly, have fun! That’s the purpose of the accomplishments.