Time for another semi-monthly update!

Check the event board in the train station regularly to keep up on the goings-on.  I keep adding stuff.

Current events are DJ’d Parties Saturdays and Tuesdays at Darkwolf Loung, and Thursdays at Cum Slut Sorority.
I’m still hoping to add more DJ events soon.

We now have weekly blowjob contests at the sorority.  The contest runs all week and any sorority girl can enter.  There is a contest board in the front room of the sorority that you can use to enter (click the “enter” button).  Once you have entered, give out blowjobs to visitors and if they like it they can vote for you (have them click your name on the contest board).  At the end of the week, the girl with the most votes gets the prize.  Prize starts at 100L$, but anyone can add to the prize (right-click the board and select pay), so who knows how high it might get each week!

I’ve started classes at the university.  Sundays from 1-2pm SLT, and Mondays from 8-9pm SLT.  Anyone is welcome to attend, sorority girls are encouraged to attend.
This Sunday, June 3 is “cocksucking 101”, and Monday, June 4 is “poledancing 101”.

If you have ideas for classes, or would be interested in being an instructor for a class, please let Ancilla know.
Some classes will be just “fun” classes, like Poledance class and Blowjob class, and some will be more “real” classes like “Roleplay” and “Emoting” classes.  I want to hear from you, would you rather see more “fun” classes that are just an excuse to get together and socialize/have sex, or would you rather see more “serious” classes where we try to share knowledge and learn from each other?  Let me know!

I will also be hosting a monthly “Round Table with Ancilla” event on the first Saturday of the month from 12-1pm SLT in the front room of the sorority.  This is just a get together to give you a chance to ask me any questions or make suggestions.  Everyone is welcome and encouraged to attend, even if you don’t have any questions or suggestions, I’m happy to just chat.

I’m also starting Theme Parties again on Saturdays from 12-2pm SLT, right before Trasee DJs at Darkwolf Lounge from 2-4.  First party is Saturday, June 9, and is a bikini party on the sorority roof.  Come on over in your favorite swimwear, jump in the pool, dance on the table, or just hang out at the bar.

I have a pet cthulhu that keeps getting out of his pen and hiding in different spots on the sim.  If you find him (he’s the green one), take a picture and send it to me.  First person to find him each week gets 100L$.  (This will be an ongoing contest to promote exploration of the sim.  The contest starts at noon on Sunday and ends when someone finds him.  He will be removed from his hiding spot at that point, then be hidden again the following Sunday.)

I would love to see more use of the sorority host schedule in the train station.  If you don’t know, you can sign up to “Host” for an hour at the Sorority.  All that is involved is pick a time that you will spend an hour at the Sorority, select that hour on the schedule, then be at the sorority during that hour to “entertain” anyone that visits during that hour.  It is best to schedule in advance so visitors know when there will be someone hosting, but if you expect to be at the sorority for an hour, feel free to “sign up” for the current hour, your picture will show up at the sorority house as the current “Hostess”.  Keep in mind if you are doing the Sorority Achievements, Hosting is required to become a Senior and a Graduate, so get them in early if you can.

You can also host “events” at the sorority.  If you have an idea for an event, you don’t need permission, just sign up for an hour on the schedule, then host that hour as an event… if you can let Ancilla, Trasee, or Rose know ahead of time, we can get the event on the Event Board.  Previous events have included “dances”, “theme days” such as Titty Tuesday and Thong Thursday, “Pool Parties”, “The Whore in the Window”, “Fellation Friday” and others.

There is a “Cum Slut Sorority Hotline” in front of the sorority house that sorority members can sign up at.  It’s the “payphone” on the sidewalk in front of the house.  If you are signed up in the hotline, the “phone” will let people that check it know that you are online, and offer them the option of “paging” all the online girls in the system.
I encourage members to sign up with the hotline and, please, if someone pages… if you are not already busy, head to the sorority to see if you can be of “service”.

For those of you that don’t know about it, there is a Bus System for getting around the sim.  A Notecard with full information is available below, and in the bookshelf at the Train Station.

There are also “tunnels” at the north edge of the roads on either side of the sorority.  These tunnels will allow you to travel to uptown on foot if you don’t want to use the buses.

We still need more pictures of Sorority Girls to put on the shelves in the Sex Shop.  People can click the shelves to get a random picture from it, and each girl gets their own shelf.  If you would like your sexy pictures available, get them to Ancilla (full perm please so they can be given out from the shelves) and she will get a shelf set up for you.

There are rentals available at the City for those of you that are interested.  There are Dorm Rooms available to Sorority members that are Freshman or higher.  There are Trailers available to everyone.  There are also Townhouses and Apartments available in uptown.  For more information contact Trasee, Ancilla, or Rose.

The Sorority Achievements have had five new achievements added to them, hopefully with more to come.  The notecard is always available from the bookshelf in the Train Station. I’m considering rewriting the achievements to group similar achievements together since there are so many now.  If/when I do, I will leave the old numbering system on the list so girls can cross reference them and update their picks at their convenience.

Hugs and Kisses to everyone