Hey sorority sisters!  As many of you may know, there is a sex shop in the Red Light District.  You may or may not also know that the shelves of product in the shop will give out a random picture of a sorority girl when clicked.

Well, I need more pictures for the shelves!!!  Help me out here!

If you would like to share pictures of yourself in the sex shop, just send them to me (AncillaDarque Resident) in world (pictures need to be full perm for me to post them), or if you don’t want to updload them in-world you can send them to me at ancilladarque@gmail.com.

They should be sexy, but not necessarily naked.  They can be with others (yes, sex pics are fine too) but they have to have you in them.

If you email them to me, please be sure to include your in-world name so i can get them labelled appropriately.

Thanks girls