In late 2017, I met Ancilla Darque through my sister, Rose Rex. At that time, I was the owner of Darkwolf Lounge (now known as Stray Cat Lounge) and Ancilla was the owner of Chi Tau Sorority. Soon after, the three of us decided to bring our two ventures together. In March of 2018, Chi Tau City was founded. Ancilla and I were the primary financial support for the fledgling city, while the three of us combined created the original Triumvirate. Since that time, our community has grown, and with it the support. Even with our additional support, Ancilla and I are still the ones who have the full financial investment in the city. Unfortunately, though, Rose has since moved on, leaving our Triumvirate one member short.

Not long after the city opened, Meri had joined the community. In a relatively short amount of time, she came along side Ancilla and me to help the city grow. It is no secret that she was a very large part in leading us to where we are now. There is no doubt that we wouldn’t be here without all the work she has done, and continues to do in support of the city. She isn’t perfect, then again, none of us are. Her contributions and love for the city, guests and regulars shows in everything that she does. For that reason, and so many more, Ancilla and I have extended the invitation for Meri to fill the vacant seat in the Triumvirate, which she has graciously accepted.

Logistically not much is changing as a result of this. All three of us have already been working very closely together for years. This just changes our structure only slightly. The three of us will continue to coordinate on everything that comes to the city. We always discuss things and come to an agreement, sometimes being the result of a 2-1 vote. When it comes to RP in the city, big city events (such as the upcoming anniversary party), or scheduling of parties in the city; Meri is the last word. That means she can override the 2-1 vote if she feels it is necessary to do so when it comes to RP, Events or parties. The Sorority is Ancilla’s baby. It’s what she founded before we founded the city. It is her original vision that has been expanded to the full city. She has not given that up, and if she feels it’s necessary, she will override the 2-1 vote in matters pertaining to the Sorority. The Fraternity has been passed over to me and I have a passion to see it grow and thrive more than it has been. As such, I will have the final say when it comes to the Fraternity. Stray Cat, from the park to the Bistro and SLUTS, is also under my purview. Everything else related to the city is decided collectively by the Triumvirate.

Assisting the Triumvirate are the Admins. As the Triumverate are often very busy working behind the scenes, the Admins are there to help fill in the gaps, assisting the guests and citizens as well as the Triumvirate. Currently, our admin team is: Ethan Mistry, Mia, Rhiannon Tamerland-Taurus, Savvy Conundrum and Tana Rose. Ethan and Tana assist Meri and I with managing Stray Cat. Ethan and Rhia have been instrumental in keeping the Fraternity running while it languished from neglect and will continue to be instrumental in helping me move the Fraternity forward. Savvy has been assisting Meri with the Rentals. All the admins have been helping the city and its guests in a variety of ways, and will continue to do so.

The Student Union Guides were created to assist the admins in managing the admissions and advancements to the Sorority, and now with the City and the Fraternity as well. While it may not sound like much, it is a lot of work. They work with our guests and citizens to help answer questions, guide them on the way, and help promote them. They assist with most aspects of city management, even though their role has no additional powers. Our current Student Union guides are: Cassie, Kix, Michael Conroicht, Nabbies Cummings, Nephilim Gothly, Nesliyah and Quinn.

In addition to her other responsibilities, Meri is also responsible for our staff. She comes to the team with those she plans on bringing on to the Student Union. The latest two additions were Cassie and Nabbies, and we’re happy to have them part of the team. In addition, from our Student Union, she helps direct us to who will assist with the Admins.

Thank you Meri, for all that you do. You always take a lion’s share of work to help this city grow and flourish. It’s a pleasure to have you as part of the Triumvirate. Thank you to all of our admins, who come alongside us and our citizens and guests to keep the city running smoothly. Thank you to our Student Union Guides who help our citizens even more directly, and thank you Cassie and Nabbies for joining our insane ranks. We love you all.