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Cum Slut City News

Cum Slut City News

September Blowjob contest winner!

September Blowjob Contest Winner: Kisses (Erby Gilgandra) with 2 Votes! Congratulations Kisses! ContestBoard: Blowjob Contest, Prize: L$100, Votes: 3 Kisses (erby.gilgandra) 2 Chrissie Bellic 1 Mia Landry-ßяaηωeη (kimberly.portal) 0

August 2022 Blowjob Contest Winner!

Tia (tiababa) wins the August Blowjob Contest with 10 votes! Congratulations Tia!! Blowjob Contest, Prize: L$100, Votes: 18 Tia (tiababa) 10 indi (indriid) 3 вяιє мσσηωαℓℓ (brielle.navarita) 2 Elaya (elaya.vendetta) 1 Elise Silverweb 1 Sadie Merlynn-Munro (sadiemerlynn) 1 lilith (litheone) 0

July 2022 Blowjob Contest Winner!

July Blowjob Contest Winner: July Hart (clvr46) with 11 Votes! Congratulations July! ContestBoard: Blowjob Contest, Prize: L$100, Votes: 29 July Hart (clvr46) 11 Cookie Bookmite-Wonder (cookie.bookmite) 7 Tia (tiababa) 3 Astrid (folcard) 3 InSoonPark 3 Cassie (firecatcassie) 2 Serenity Innis 0 Cʟᴀʀᴀ Cʀᴏꜱꜱ UwU’zzℴ (claracr0ss.uwu) 0  

June 2022 Blowjob Contest Winner!

June Blowjob Contest Winner: June McCoy (junemccoy) with 6 Votes! Congratulations June! ContestBoard: Blowjob Contest, Prize: L$100, Votes: 17 June McCoy (junemccoy) 6 Alessandra (hitomitorgud) 4 Cassie (firecatcassie) 3 July Hart (clvr46) 1 Sycamore Crane (sycamorecrane24) 1 Aeda Hart- Dismortalis (aedamnair) 1 Sadie Merlynn-Munro (sadiemerlynn) 1 Nati Nova 0  

A Discussion about Chi Tau’s “origins”

So, i had a discussion with someone recently about the history of Chi Tau, and thought it was insightful enough to put it here for others to see as well. in the beginning, i was just a lonely slut wandering SL, getting sex wherever and whenever i could in my wandering i got frustrated. i … [ Continue Reading ]

May 2022 Blowjob Contest Winner!

May Blowjob Contest Winner: Petra Tesla (petralein) with 5 Votes! Congratulations Petra! ContestBoard: Blowjob Contest, Prize: L$100, Votes: 15 Petra Tesla (petralein) 5 June McCoy (junemccoy) 3 Emily Vermilion 3 Sadie Merlynn (sadiemerlynn) 1 Alexa (thealexa) 1 Talabrina (shadowmouse) 1 Cookie Bookmite-Wonder (cookie.bookmite) 1 Solena (solenareia) 0 Nesliyah 0 July Hart (clvr46) 0 Daniela cagna … [ Continue Reading ]

New Event Calendar

Hey everyone! I’ve still been making changes and improvements to the blog. The latest change was to our Event Calendar. Our calendar is a functional calendar instead of just a view of upcoming events. It is reading the data from our Google Calendar and displaying it in Pacific Time, which, of course, is Second Life … [ Continue Reading ]

April 2021 Blowjob Contest Winner

Lizzy Cummings (petitelizzy.foxpaws) wins this month’s blowjob contest with 3 votes! Lizzy gets the Chi Tau Cocksucker collar and 100L$ Blowjob Contest, Prize: L$100, Votes: 9 Lizzy Cummings (petitelizzy.foxpaws) 3 Merilee (cwynyd) 2 Savvy Conundrum 1 Julian (creativewit) 1 Candy (flitpa) 1 Talabrina (shadowmouse) 1

Fraternity Accomplishments Updated

It’s been a busy month since rolling out the new Fraternity and City paths and advancements. When we rolled out the new changes, we started with what we had, but what we had was not enough for our Fraternity Members to fully advance in the Fraternity. In addition, some of the accomplishments were more geared … [ Continue Reading ]