Group Changes in Preparation for the New Sims

Hi everyone!

We’re getting ready to buy our new sims, as soon as LL opens the land store back up.  In preparation, we are changing the group dynamics.

Moving forward, the sorority group will be used for Sorority Sisters only.  the city group will be the primary group for public communications.

To that end, i am currently working on removing people from the sorority group and inviting them to the city group.

Moving forward, all PUBLIC communications should be in the Chi Tau City group, and the Chi Tau Sorority group will be available for PRIVATE SORORITY communication.

A side effect of this is the “pledge” role is being removed, and the “everyone” role will now be the pledge role.  This frees up a spot for us to give the Student Union a tag so they can help process promotions.

Don’t freak out if you’re ‘pledge’ tag disappears, it will be the “everyone” role now.

thank you for your patience as we move forward and grow.


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