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Articles By Merilee Cwynyd

Articles By Merilee Cwynyd

Don’t tell people they don’t “fit in”

We have been getting reports of people who have stopped coming to Chi Tau because someone(s) are telling them their body shape or species does not “fit in.” This is WRONG. Chi Tau welcomes all body shapes and species. We want people in Mesh Bodies, but beyond that, it’s their choice what they look like. … [ Continue Reading ]

The Eternal City

Some say The Eternal City is Rome. The notion draws from The Aeneid, by Virgil who, between 19 and 29BC, wandered the ancient world and spread his tale of the glorious origins of the “imperium sine fine” [an empire without end]. The tapestry of Virgil’s story combines a weft of myth and a warp of … [ Continue Reading ]