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Chi Tau City

Chi Tau City

Mia’s Chi Tau Story

For years, I had been jumping back and forth between sims, even had changed avatars once (Mia is my second one, the first is long gone) trying to find something new and exciting to do, I was ready to give up on SL entirely, at least for a while. Then in May of 2019, after … [ Continue Reading ]

She sat in my lap, and I was ‘hooked’!

Several years ago, I was part of an SL community that focused on BDSM, both in SL, and RL. One Sunday night, in August, I was at the group’s regularly scheduled discussion,. which was always quite well attended. Meri had joined the group earlier that day, and posted a short ‘hello’ in the group chat.  … [ Continue Reading ]

The Entrance Of A Savvy Conundrum

I first came to Chi Tau in November of 2020, with someone who is, unfortunately, no longer in our city.  At the time, Chi Tau was just one sim with many “levels” of city – about four sims rolled into one.  I quickly met several people, but with my shy and fairly reserved nature at … [ Continue Reading ]

My beginnings in Chi Tau

When I found Chi Tau, back in October 2019, I was admittedly a bit in a bad mood thanks to a bunch of RL shit, had returned from a longer SL hiatus and was just looking for a quick destraction. I found it through someone’s profile pick (Sadly can’t remember who it was) and was … [ Continue Reading ]

Looking Back

I came to Chi Tau in November, 2018. I had previously been active in another sim, but what with changes in ownership and purpose, I felt disconnected from it. I had a list of sims I would wander around to visit, and I would regularly go exploring to see what I could find. If memory … [ Continue Reading ]

March Blowjob Contest Winner!

February Blowjob Contest Winner: Lizzy Cummings (petitelizzy.foxpaws) with 4 Votes! Congratulations Lizzy! ContestBoard: Blowjob Contest, Prize: L$100, Votes: 10 Lizzy Cummings (petitelizzy.foxpaws) 4 Candy (flitpa) 2 Kelly Cummings (princesspadmie) 2 Talabrina (shadowmouse) 1 Aethyr (aethyr.fall) 1 Janni Lutrova 0 indi (indriid) 0 Acorico (acorico1) 0

Blog Optimization

It was not just you. Our blog was incredibly slow. I spent all evening optimizing the blog as much as I could, removing old plugins, deleting unused data, adding optimization plugins. I’m happy to say that we’ve seen a significant improvement in the site speed and responsiveness. At the same time, though, you might have … [ Continue Reading ]

Events, Parties and Achievements

Once upon a time, only the Sorority had Achievements and Requirements in order to advance in grades. Later, the Fraternity had Achievements followed by Accomplishments in order to join the Fraternity. Today, the Fraternity has Accomplishments to advance in grades and the City has Activities in order to move up from Tourist eventually reaching Citizen. … [ Continue Reading ]

Chi Tau City Staff

In late 2017, I met Ancilla Darque through my sister, Rose Rex. At that time, I was the owner of Darkwolf Lounge (now known as Stray Cat Lounge) and Ancilla was the owner of Chi Tau Sorority. Soon after, the three of us decided to bring our two ventures together. In March of 2018, Chi … [ Continue Reading ]