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Chi Tau City

Chi Tau City

December Blowjob Contest Winner!

December Blowjob Contest Winner: Tia Ellison (tiababa) with 5 Votes! Congratulations Tia! Blowjob Contest, Prize: L$100, Votes: 8 Tia Ellison (tiababa) 5 Talabrina (shadowmouse) 3

Remembrance and Thanks

This month marks my fourth year in Chi Tau. That this is a month of remembrance and thankfulness is entirely apropos, because there is much for me to remember and for which I am thankful. I’ve been in Second Life a long time, and for pretty much all that time I’ve been sexually active in … [ Continue Reading ]

A Time Of Reflection And Thanks

So, it would appear that it’s my turn to look back, look around and look forward at what I’m most thankful for during this wonderful season.  This is probably going to get a little wordy.  You have been warned.  🙂 As I approach my own fourth year in Chi Tau, I have to look back … [ Continue Reading ]

Mia’s thankful post about the city

Hello and good day (or night) everyone. I am sure a lot of you have noticed us saying what we are thankful for with the city. I had kept hearing about this place from a friend and at first had hesitated to come but eventually decided to give it a shot before I left SL…yes, … [ Continue Reading ]

Star Light, Star Bright

For almost my entire time in Second Life, I have had a place of my own. I started with a small home on a 512m parcel. From there, I slowly increased the size of my home and my land. As my home became larger, I started having ideas of wanting that home to be open … [ Continue Reading ]

ancilla’s giving of thanks

Trasee asked us all (the management) to write about what we are thankful for in Chi Tau. I struggled with this at first, until i realized my answer is actually fairly easy. You see, i came up with the concept for Chi Tau Sorority back in 2017. In the beginning i spend a lot of … [ Continue Reading ]

November 2022 Blowjob Contest Winner!

November Blowjob Contest Winner: Cassie (firecatcassie) with 4 Votes! Congratulations Cassie!! Cassie (firecatcassie) 4 Berwyn (berwynbangarang) 3 Talabrina (shadowmouse) 2 Tomi (atomicsoul) 1 Quinn (manfredquinn) 0