Hello and good day (or night) everyone.

I am sure a lot of you have noticed us saying what we are thankful for with the city. I had kept hearing about this place from a friend and at first had hesitated to come but eventually decided to give it a shot before I left SL…yes, I thought I may as well just leave SL before coming here…well, once I did come, I was so welcomed and happy that I decided to keep coming back and every time, feeling more like part of the city already until decided I wanted to help make sure others had the same great experience I had when they get here.

I have done a little thinking about what Chi Tau truly means to me and decided my list of things I am thankful for can really be summed up with one word…Community. Summing it up with ‘community’ does encompass many aspects of life here at Chi Tau, all of which I am thankful for, from the people here to the RP chances, the parties, the support that is given, even the good feeling I get from helping people as an admin here…and that is by no means even an exhaustive list. Now, a few years later and most of my best friends on SL are in Chi Tau and the ones that aren’t have stopped by and love it. I could talk for days about how much I love the city and everyone in it but I I’ll just leave it at what I am truly thankful for and that is all of you…each and every one, who makes this a special place through participation, be it actively RPing, being a friend, someone to talk to, just saying hi or exploring…it is your own experiences and personalities that make the city so fun so THANK YOU!, all of you!