Merry Christmas, Blessed Yule, Happy Holidays or Happy Saturday, if you don’t celebrate.

About five years ago, I met Rose, and we became sisters in SL. A few months later, she dragged me to this new place she found, called Chi Tau Sorority. And yes, she did drag me. laughs I went in human appearance because I knew that most sex sims had a thing against furry avis. Rose introduced me to Ancilla, and Ancilla, in her own way, (direct and to the point) convinced me to stay in my snow leopard form. I joined the Sorority because Rose kind of pushed me into it. I’m not as much of a slut as most here, and certainly nothing like Ancilla, so I did kind of feel a bit odd in the Sorority, and didn’t really see myself as a slut.

Still, though, a couple months later, I noticed a full region available for rent where I rented my homestead. I always dreamed of having a region that people could come to and enjoy. I had started a a club a couple years prior that had struggled to find regulars. I knew I couldn’t afford the sim on my own, so I spoke to Rose, who knew Ancilla better than I did at the time, to ask Ancilla if she’d like to partner in creating Chi Tau City.

It was a big risk for the three of us. I’d only known Rose a few months, and barely knew Ancilla. Yet something about it just felt right. So, in March of 2018, Chi Tau City was opened.

I’m so happy that so many of you have found this place, and call it a home. I know I speak for Ancilla as well when I say that we love you all. You are like a family to us. The fact that we’re going to be celebrating our fourth year in March, and now have four regions that make up our city, with so many wonderful people here, is a wonderful Christmas gift for us. We thank you all for your friendship, more than anything else.

Looking forward to 2022 and beyond with love for you all!