Good morning, noon, night, everyone, whatever time of day it is, I hope it is a great day.:

Just a quick thing that has come to our attention, rumors about people in Chi Tau, I’d like to start by mentioning that any sort of rumors, no matter how insignificant, may have a lasting and very negative impact on not only the subject or the rumor but those hearing it since behind every avatar is a person, and that person has feelings even though I know no one intentionally sets out to hurt someone else here. I know things do come up with people from time to time, it is just how people work.

Now, what to do about rumors that will pop up from time to time? The LAST thing we want to do is spread an unverified (or even verified for that matter) rumor because in almost every instance it starts with a misunderstanding, instead it would be best to come to an admin about it, not to get anyone in trouble or start drama, but so we can try to smooth things over and keep our city a great, safe and fun place to play. For doing that we have several different ways to do it, contacting an online admin is of course always welcome. Many people know of the abuse report form that can be accessed at:

What many don’t know, is this form works just as fast if not faster than contacting an online admin, and chat logs are ok there since it is outside SL and not subject to the ToS, it goes straight to a channel we have set up on Discord and every admin, online or not, can see it and we are very quick to act on those.

Finally, another way we can be reached, is through the group, HOWEVER, please DO NOT air concerns directly in the group (this includes if someone asks you what’s wrong, just say it concerns an admin and leave it at that) , simply ask for an admin to contact you and we will contact you privately. This method is typically not as fast as using the abuse report or Discord as admins online at the time would see it even though we do try to act on those.

Thank you from all the Triumverate, Admins and SU, you all make this a great place to be and we like to help keep it that way!