Problems with the new tags

I have heard of some people having problems with the new city tags.  I understand how some girls can have a problem with them, especially if they have had experience with such things in real life, and I am sorry for that.

Unfortunately, this type of play is not going away.  It already exists at the sim and always has, and is just being expanded on.

There are many girls who crave this sort of play and we try to cater to all types. At least one of the owners indulges in “victim roleplay” regularly and quite enjoys it.  If you ask me who, I’ll tell you.

Keep in mind a few things:

1 – It is a City tag, not a Sorority/University tag.  This is actually kind of a change as it used to be a part of the sorority itself… anyone remember the rape park at the old sim?

2 – Is is just Roleplay, and is in fact consensual by nature.  This is not Real Life, this is not Real Rape!

3 – One MUST be wearing the appropriate tag to play.  Anyone harrassing someone NOT wearing a “Victim” tag will be dealt with very harshly!  I will always protect my girls!!

4 – This has always existed at Chi Tau Sorority, it has just been slightly more hidden.  It is actually being moved farther from the sorority itself now.

5 – Requiring tags to be worn for this kind of play will actually provide a level of protection from it for those that do not wish to participate.  Without the tags there is no way of knowing who consents to this type of play and who doesn’t.

All that being said, I am not unreasonable regarding the sensitivities of others.  I am willing to try to make some accommodations.  We can make more “safe zones”, perhaps the entire sorority parcel if necessary, and we can use a tag other than “Rapist”… if we can come up with another suitable tag that is acceptable.  “Predator” comes to mind, but I have always hated that as a tag.  Perhaps “criminal” could be a better option.

Let me know how we can make this work for everyone.



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