New tags in City group!

We are going to be changing some roles in the Chi Tau City group in order to create two new ones.
Chi Tau Victim and Chi Tau Rapist.

The victim tag is for girls that are into rape play and human trafficking.
Wear the tag only if and when you want this type of play, as it will be the signal to rapists and slavers that you are available for them to take. Be sure to discuss any limits you may have OOC, otherwise the rapist/slaver won’t know and can’t be guaranteed to avoid them.

The Rapist tag is for those that would like to take advantage of the “victims” and… well… rape them.
If you are wearing the Rapist tag and you see someone wearing the Victim tag you do not (and should not) ask first, just take them.  If they say no, so what, they’re a victim, take them anyway.
Respect any requests made or limits described in ((OOC)) chat,  but otherwise there are no rules.

The Slaver tag is for individuals to hunt victims with the intention of selling them as slaves.  Same rules apply as the Rapist tag… and you probably need to sample the wares before you can sell them anyway right?

This is not intended for “long term” roleplay, so slavers and slaves please set a limit on how long the “slave” will be owned for… and we’re talking in hours here, not days.

Please keep the roleplay to local chat so others can enjoy or possibly join in… maybe that girls needs saving, or maybe that rapist would like a little help.  Feel free to use IM for OOC chat if you prefer not to use the ((OOC)) convention, but be aware that IM is OOC and respect it as such.

The arrival station is OFF LIMITS for rape and slave play as it is considered an OOC area.
Also, Darkwolf Lounge, while considered in character, is off limits for rapes or captures.
Additionally, please use common sense during active events… for example if a girl wanders off on her own during a party at the sorority you might grab her, but you wouldn’t do it right off the dance floor, and of course it wouldn’t make sense to grab a girl right out of a class at the university.

Victims, feel free to say no or to fight, just don’t expect to accomplish anything with it.

One last note to rapists and slavers:  if someone does NOT have the victim tag on, they are OFF LIMITS.  We don’t want to offend anyone that’s not playing the “game”.  To repeat, only people wearing the Chi Tau Victim tag are available to rape or capture.  You can safely assume if they have the tag on that they are aware of what it means and do not need to be asked for consent (they’ve already given it by wearing the tag), and would probably be offended if you did ask as it kind of defeats the purpose.

Please contact Trasee, Ancilla, Rose, or one of the city admins if you would like any of these tags, and most of all have fun!



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