Chi Tau is different than most of the rest of Second Life.

We welcome everyone. Every race, gender, and species, as well as every kink and fetish except for underage play. Chi Tau insists on respect for others. While no one is required to play with anyone, we do expect people to politely decline. You are allowed to express your gender/species bias elsewhere.

This city is an Adult Erotic Immersive Role Play Sim. Sure, we have talking animals, furries, angels, demons, goblins, goo girls, merfolk, elves, and welcome just about any being you may want to be or imagine, but we still abide the physical and natural laws of Earth Normal. Everyone has physical limitations. Most beings can not fly. Few creatures run constantly, most walk most of the time. Telepathy is not common. It is a very rare person who can survive a fall from great heights without some damage. Without some variant of Viagra, staying erect for hours on end is not normal. We reserve erections for intimate play, not for walking around. Think first, act after. If you would not do something in Real Life, it probably isn’t a good idea to do it in Chi Tau.

Chi Tau has four groups: City, Sorority, Fraternity, and Stray Cat groups. Everyone is important, wanted, and valued. Everyone should be in the City group as that is where our chat occurs and the city is where the bulk of our storyline RP takes place. The City Group comprises our university professors, shop managers, bar keeps, police and firefighters, lawyers, street cleaners, prostitutes, and any other role one might think of; if you can imagine it, you can likely do it in Chi Tau. The Sorority and Fraternity are not cliques, clubs, social groups, or more special than the City group. They are not the “in crowd.” They are specialized sub-groups of the City group. The Sorority is for cum sluts, identifiable by the XT in their group tags and the Fraternity are people who know how to feed a cum slut’s addiction to cum. If you aren’t a cum slut, there is no point in joining the Sorority. Likewise, the Fraternity members invest a great deal of time and effort to filling the needs of the Sorority Sisters. If that’s not your thing, if you want a more casual play, or you want to focus more on storyline RP, the City Group is for you. Anyone in any group may apply for an RP Role in the city. If you want to manage a store, bar, or business, be a cop, a professor, a doctor, or whatever, please approach one of the Student Union Guides or Admins and they will help you get set up.

Whereas most of SL is Zombieland, with armies of avatars silent as death, we use Local for chat and RP. This brings life to our city and promotes a healthy community. We prefer to keep IMs for getting assistance with Chi Tau issues. However, we understand some people are shy and allow RPing in IMs after beginning a contact in the open and provided the other party is willing to use IMs. Please do not start with an IM. If you want to say “hi,” do it ‘in person’ not from so far away you can’t even be seen, much less heard. Chi Tau is an RP sex sim. Residents strive to stay in character in all that they do. The exceptions to this are the Bus Station and the Stray Cat Lounge where OOC is the governing rule. People in the Bus Station should be left alone; a passing greeting is fine, but leave them be to acclimate and browse the notes and boards. Unlike the City, where we don’t know anyone’s name till they tell us or are introduced, Stray Cat Lounge is an Out Of Character area. New arrivals to Stray Cat can and should be welcomed by name. In the Stray Cat Lounge, emoting is welcome, but not required, the restrictions on not discussing RL are lifted, though be considerate of other people’s interests. Even in Stray Cat, though, politics and hot button issues are not allowed and will not be tolerated.

Our City has many BDSM play spaces, but we are not a BDSM sim. We welcome bondage, discipline, sadism, masochism, as well as Dominance and submission play. Welcoming D/s play does not mean we are a D/s sim and we encourage players interested in collaring or being collared to do that elsewhere. Collars are fun and many of the management in Chi Tau are collared persons. That said, our city’s focus is not collared submissives but slutty Sorority Sisters. If you are looking for a submissive to collar, look elsewhere.

As a Role Play Sim, we yearn for dramatic scenes. There is a huge difference between dramatic scening and seeming Dramatic. Real Life has enough Drama for all of us. We step into SL to step out of RL. Chi Tau is a No Drama zone. Keep the drama in the RP. Drama outside of RP will be dealt with quickly, summarily, and likely will not end well for the Dramatic Person. RL can be rough and you can find sympathy in Chi Tau. There are plenty of people who will sit with you, listen to your trouble, and offer help if you want. Chi Tau is not a Therapy Sim. If talking about your issues is a common theme for you, go somewhere else before we have to tell you to go somewhere else.

Chi Tau is a sex sim. It is not a Dating App. Romance can be fun to Role Play, but this is not the place to find your One True Love. Committed Sex Acts are a huge YES, Committed Relationships are a huge NO. We thank you to go somewhere else to find Love. Do not confuse “Oh my God, I love how you fuck me” with “I Love you.” Relationships develop in SL very fast, much faster than in RL. This can be both confusing and exhilarating. Relationships come apart in SL very fast. This can be both disheartening and dramatic. Chi Tau is a No Drama Zone. Enjoy the moment. If you must seek out a long term relationship, take the same amount of time to ‘get involved’ that you would take in RL. Remember, the character you interact with is not necessarily the person at the other end of the internet.

Respect. When in Chi Tau you will respect our rules and the other people here. You are welcome to play a rogue, a rake, a ruffian, or a smartass, just as everyone else is welcome to respond to your RP exactly the way they would in RL. Rogues generally don’t have friends. Ruffians generally end up in jail. THINK about your RP. How many smartasses do you know in RL? Do they get away with it? Do people like them? Actions have consequences even in role play. Role Playing a jerk is not carte blanche to treat everyone you encounter with verbal abuse. There are many incidents where OOC crosses over IC, such as an Admin dealing with someone, a Tour, a Discussion Group. These sorts of events have cues and are pretty obvious. Interloping or interrupting them with intrusive or disruptive RP will not be tolerated. “I am not a Jerk, I just RP one,” is never a defense. If you find people think you are a jackass because of how you RP, chances are your RP is not RP. The anonymity of the internet is not a free pass on behavior. If you would not do it in RL, do not do it here.

We believe Chi Tau is a beautiful place and welcome photography here. Some people do not like to have their photo taken, but you are not required to ask them first. Linden Labs’ policy on photos is quite simple – no permission required If someone tells you not to take their photo, be respectful and don’t. If you take a group shot and they are in it, disregard their wishes – they should not have been in the group. Chi Tau is a free photo zone anyone arriving on sim is giving tacit permission to have their photo taken. Video is another issue entirely. For video/machinima, permission is required from anyone shown or named in the video. []

People come to Chi Tau to engage in cyber sex. SL is as much a visual venue as textural. The notion that RP trumps appearance is nonsense and mainly expressed by people who can’t be bothered to improve their avatars. Mesh has been the standard in SL for many years now and totally free quality mesh bodies are widely available. There is no reason to be in a Basic SL Body with prim clothing and flexi prim hair. Chi Tau offers absolutely free assistance to upgrade from basic to mesh. Ask and you can be helped. If a person wants to get their rocks off without investing anything in their appearance, let them sign on to a MUD where it’s only text. There are plenty of newbie sims in SL where basic bodies are the norm. Chi Tau is different, we strive to do better and are happy to help everyone else do the same.

Chi Tau City is divided into three main areas, Uptown, Downtown and Southside. Each of those is further comprised of a variety of distinct neighborhoods. The Bus Station is our arrival area and as such is an OOC and Do-Not-Disturb area It is not meant for socializing, hooking up or instigating RP. People in the Bus Station may be greeted, but otherwise left alone. There are no forbidden areas in Chi Tau, but there are some doors that are restricted. Residences are recognizable by a plaque near the door. Such a plaque identifies the space as someone’s private, rented home and not to be entered without invitation. While trailers are rented, they are not private, but are part of the consensual non-consent play areas in Southside. There is at least one sealed door with a keycode panel. We encourage exploration and the code is readily available if you look for it. A locked door is never an invitation to break in or sit-TP into (sitting on furniture from a distance).

In Chi Tau prostitution is legal, but rape is not. Rape play (consensual non-consent play, or CnC) is allowed in our city. Anyone interested in participating in this sort of play must read our guidelines in the blog [] and speak to an Admin before engaging in such play. Ignorance of our rules will not be accepted as an excuse.

Each neighborhood has a history and theme which sets the stage for the main RP of that area. Downtown is roughly from Spitroast Road east to Cumplay Road and south from Slut Street to the warehouse at the end of Stray Cat Lane. Within these boundaries, Downtown holds the Sorority and Fraternity houses, Bus Station, the Residential district, the Stray Cat Boardwalk, the Lake district, the Docks. The Sorority and Fraternity houses are play spaces for our Sorority sisters and Fraternity members to entertain. They are open to the public and everyone is welcome to play in them. The Residential district encompasses the merchant shops as well as the upscale rentable townhouses. The Stray Cat Boardwalk is an entertainment extravaganza. The Stray Cat Lounge offers both event and private dancing (your choice of horizontal or vertical). Off the boardwalk is the Stray Cat Arcade with a wide variety of table games, and the beach. The beach offers plenty of play, swimming, surfboarding, and boating. At the end of the boardwalk are the Stray Cat Bistro and SLUTS. The Bistro is a small, intimate restaurant serving a menu of fine foods and wines and for dessert, we recommend the slut du jour. Set behind the Bus Station along Stray Cat Lane is the Lake District deriving its name from it’s river and lake frontage and is home to Lakehouse, the Conservatory and the Alpine Cafe. Lakehouse is an old Victorian home, upgraded and converted for the use of call girls. The Conservatory is sunroom of glass walls and roof for casual socializing. The Alpine Cafe is a rustic-style post and beam fieldstone house re-purposed for commercial use as a cafe. Both the Conservatory and Alpine Cafe are excellent venues for AFK solicitation. The Port of Chi Tau is an outlier at the furthest edge of Downtown. Its warehouse and docks comprise the shipping hub of Chi Tau and everything the city needs arrives and departs from there, aside from people (though some of those too).

Uptown is north of Downtown and is between Slut Street and the water to the north and from Spitroast Road on the west to Cumplay Road at the east. Neighborhoods within the boundaries of Uptown are the Business District, City Center, Asian District, and the University Campus. The Asian District, founded by a grant from a Kimmy Darque née Love, brings together a picturesque arrangement of traditional Japanese buildings: a sushi shack, a kirizuma style ceremonial teahouse, a Nyotaimori bungalow, a Sento (bath house), and the Kimmy Love Japanese Gardens. City Center is the seat of Chi Tau City government including the Goodhead Memorial Hospital, Police Station, the Firehouse, and, of course, City Hall. The Business District sits between Solicitation street and the northern waterfront comprising the bulk of businesses and shops in Chi Tau, as well as, the notorious Hellfire Club. At the far north end of Chi Tau and Uptown is the University Campus running almost the length of University Way. The Chi Tau University sits at the center of the campus and is flanked by the Library on the west and the Dorms on the East.

Southside is separated from the rest of Chi Tau by the Lilitu river and lake. It is also separated by culture and time. Comprised of five distinct neighborhoods and a forest, Southside exists as something of a time capsule of Chi Tau’s past. Hearkening back to it’s oldest roots as an agricultural community is Orwell’s Farm at the extreme south east of the area. Orwell’s Farm is home to Chi Tau’s dairy production, a place for lactation, pony, and bestiality play. East of the farm is Old Town, the last remnant of Chi Tau’s merchant marine period. The inhabitants shunned progress, preferring to stick to the ‘old ways,’ a superstitious, backwards people. Like it’s inhabitants, Old Town has sunk into the mire of swampland, a dark and dangerous place. North of Orwell’s and west of Old Town is the Trashy Trailer Park. This was originally built as low income housing for factory workers in Chi Tau’s industrial period, the more wealthy lived in what is now the Slums. When industry failed or left, these neighborhoods fell onto hard times. The forgotten, indigent and insolent were left behind and they turned their backs on metropolitan Chi Tau becoming a law unto themselves. North of the Slums is Chi Tau’s Red Light District, a buffer between the gentrified regions and the ghettos. Red Light is haven for whores, streetwalkers, and the Johns who patronize them. These Harlots are happy to be left alone by the municipal government and hold their own against the gang in the Slums.

The City offers a variety of rentals and we maintain a waiting list since vacancies are rare. For our Sorority sisters, there are dorm rooms from 30 to 50 Lindens per week with equivalent prim allowances. For prostitution play or a “low rent feel,” Chi Tau offers a Trashy Trailer Park with weekly rentals at 80L per week with an allowance of 40 prims. The Business District offers a few gentrified flats in an urban renewal style which are move-in ready for 100L per week and allow for 50 prims of furnishings. There are run down Row Houses for enterprising prostitutes and those who prefer to live in the beautiful squalor of the Red Light District. These duplexes rent for 150L per week with a 75 prim allowance. Downtown has an urban Residential Neighborhood of charming town houses in the Amsterdam Canal House style leasing for 250L each week with up to 125 prims. While renters are granted rez rights to furnish their rentals, these rights extend only to the to that rental space and perhaps the exterior directly adjacent to it (such as, a renter wants to set a bench or chair just outside their home). A renter’s rez rights are not permission to rez items beyond their rental such as a skybox or items elsewhere in the city.

Rez Rights, derived from the movie Tron, and referring to items Resolving in world, are controlled in Chi Tau. Lag in Second Life is directly affected by prim count and script count. As such, we grant Rez Rights sparingly and with consideration. Renters, Citizens with RP Roles, Sorority graduates, and some Patrons all are granted rez rights. Sorority Sisters who graduate are granted rez rights restricted to the Sorority Parcel. Renters are granted rez rights for their rental properties. Citizens with RP Roles (police, firefighters, EMTs, and others) have rez rights specific to their RP. Patrons (Sapphire or above) are granted city rez rights. Only Sorority Sisters can rez on Sorority Parcel and no one is allowed to rez on the Stray Cat parcel. All rez rights are temporary and items should be rezzed with consideration and discretion. Citizens with RP Roles may only rez items related to their role-based RP. All rezzed items must be unrezzed (removed) at the end of the scene. Leaving items out after you have completed your scene or abuse of the rez rights could result in losing your rez rights.

To support our citizens and city, Chi Tau offers out of world resources as well. We have a blog (powered by WordPress) which provides a wealth of Chi Tau related information and answers to frequenly asked questions. We also host photo sharing at Flickr. Any group member can upload photos, but management reserves the right to decide the appropriateness of uploads and may, without notice, remove photos deemed inappropriate. As a service to our group and to provide for our community, we also have a Discord channel for out of game, 24/7 communications, photo and music sharing. For group members wishing to support Chi Tau, we have a Patreon page where members can set a monthly pledge. Each and every penny donated through Patreon goes directly into the sims and city.

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