Chi Tau City is a labor of love for Ancilla and Trasee. They started the city on one region and hoped that people would come to enjoy what they built. As the city grew, the time came to move two two regions. Ancilla and Trasee are committed to paying for the two main regions of the city, regardless of any financial support given. The city growth, though, is entirely dependent upon financial support. Our support has allowed us to move from one region to four connected regions. Our two main regions, a rental region, and islands to enjoy. We don’t ask for or expect any donations but there are so many of you that call Chi Tau City your home and are also eager to see us grow. To that end, we have several avenues if you wish to support us.

  1. Most important. Visit the city. Play in the city. Bring friends to the city. Just have fun, and that is the greatest reward for everyone.
  2. Donate inworld. We have tip jars at the bus station and Stray Cat Lounge for inworld donations.
  3. Donate through Patreon. With Patreon, we also offer additional perks for your ongoing monthly support, including a monthly update on our financial situation.

Whether you give of your time, your inworld L$, or your RL money, we thank you for your support. Neither Ancilla nor Trasee take any donated money for their own use, it is our promise that everything goes back into the city, whether it is the same month or in a future month. Your generous donations rewards everyone.

✰ Patreon Supporters (Past and Present) ✰