The Founders

The Founders are the three who established the city in March, 2018. They were the original Triumvirate.

    The Triumvirate (Owners)

    The Triumvirate are the owners of the city. They are the ones responsible for building the city and city planning. The Triumvirate work collectively on all matters pertaining to the city and everything in the city. Certain areas, while still collectively discussed, have a specific Triumvirate member who has the last word in that area.

    Ancilla: Chi Tau Sorority, City Design and Decoration

    Trasee: Alpha Tau Sigma Fraternity, Stray Cat (From the Park to the Bistro/SLUTS)

    Meri: Chi Tau Citizenry, Role Playing, City-wide Events, Parties and Scheduling

      The City Council (Admins)

      Assisting the Triumvirate is the City Council. They are the administrators who help keep the city running smoothly.

        The Student Union (Guides)

        The Student Union is also on hand to assist with questions about the city, activities within the city, and to give orientations and tours.

          If you need any assistance, please reach out to any Chi Tau Triumvirate, City Council or Student Union member.