In Chi Tau prostitution is legal, but rape is not.

Rape play (consensual non-consent play, or CnC) is allowed in our city though one should approach rape play with serious fore-thought and consideration for others. Rape is a hot-button, highly emotionally charged topic. The trauma attached to rape in real life can not be ignored or glossed over. To accommodate those people who are sensitive to this issue as well as to facilitate play for those interested in it, Chi Tau offers the following guidelines.

There are designated areas where rape play is not allowed at any time, in anyway, for any reason. The include the Bus Station is our arrival area and as such is an OOC and Do-Not-Disturb area It is not meant for socializing, hooking up or instigating RP. People in the Bus Station may be greeted, but otherwise left alone. The Sorority House and grounds is a very public area and probably the most heavily trafficked area in Chi Tau. Not only would it be ridiculous to attempt a rape in such a place, this is the home of our Sorority and sisters who are sensitive to rape play frequent it and should not have to avoid it to not be exposed to rape play. Stray Cat Lounge, Arcade and Beach area are likewise heavily frequented by a broad spectrum of residents and guests who may be sensitive and should not have to skip activities there so as to not be exposed to rape play. Likewise, the streets and sidewalks adjacent to these areas fall under the same circumstances. Thus CnC is not allowed in these areas.

Since it is impossible to know who may or may not be sensitive to Rape play, such play is restricted to those who display the Victim tag. Currently, this tag is restricted to Sorority Sisters. This is not to say all Sorority Sisters have the tag. Most do not. Only those with the tag active are available for rape play. The victim tag is prior consent to rape play and wearers may be ‘attacked’ without asking. It should not need to be said, but here it is anyway, IMing (which is inappropriate in Chi Tau anyway) some one who does not have an active victim tag to offer rape play, even if you know they have the tag, is a violation of these rules and may result in a temporary ban if reported. Not wearing the tag active is an indication that the person is not interested in that kind of play at that time.

Common sense should always prevail. If you’re going to rape someone, it makes sense to do it where you won’t get caught or seen. There are In Character consequences for In Character actions. Chi Tau has RP Police who may apprehend and arrest a rapist. A victim, if (s)he is able to identify their attacker, may report the crime to the (RP) Police which will begin an investigation. Witnesses may interrupt the scene without prior permission, may only watch, or may try to join in. This means your scene is not secure. In Chi Tau, your RP does not occur in a bubble. If you want privacy, go somewhere private. There are plenty of spaces within Chi Tau where you can expect privacy, residences, hidden rooms, attics, basements, caves, tunnels, and deep chambers.

No one is allowed to jump in without permission. Even if your scene is happening in an alley or the forest, a passerby may not hop onto the furniture with out consent (getting consent from one player is enough, so communicate with each other to avoid upset and confusion). That said, interlopers may involve themselves without your consent. A witness may attempt to break up the rape or call the police. As a rapist, you have the responsibility to either flee or resolve the interruption in RP. As the victim of rape, it must be understood that though you want this play out of character, in character you do not and a knight in shining armor may appear to save you. Consequences are a bitch. If you do not want your rape play interrupted, take it where it is unlikely to be happened upon. There’s a reason rapists do not rape in broad daylight in plain sight on a crowded sidewalk.

Much of the above is guidelines rather than cement rules, however, be aware that the spirit of these guidelines will be respected and contravening them will result in a temporary ban at the very least. Chi Tau is about family and community. We want those who are into rape play to have a safe place to enjoy it, but their right to enjoy it must accommodate the right of those who are disturbed by it to not be drawn into it. There is a place for everyone in Chi Tau and every kink has a place. Rape play’s place is in the shadows, unseen, unheard, hidden. If you drag it out into the light, there will be consequences.

If you are still interested in CnC in Chi Tau, please speak to an Admin to confirm your understanding of these guidelines. This is not optional.

A very simple rule of thumb for rape play is think it through before you begin.

version 02-28-21