What about Chi Tau am I thankful for? Had it not been for Meri bringing me here, after having sat in my lap the night before, and then talking, (and more) for most of the night…I would never have become a DJ. I had, for some time, been interested in doing it, but never had anyone who could sit me down and walk me through the mechanics of actually getting the software, renting a stream, and all the other little details which go into playing one’s favorite music on line.
Chi Tau, at that time had a Sister who was a professional RL DJ, who ran some classes and taught several of us the ‘secrets’ of making up and streaming a good set. This is a skill I have come to enjoy immensely over the last few years, and I am often amazed when a song I had in the queue perfectly matches with the conversation at a dance. It’s also fun to drop a tune into the mix that ties in with something someone says, or develop a ‘theme song for a person who often attends…(Ethan and ‘Boobs”, Quinn, and “Might Quinn” as examples)
I was asked/told to become an admin. I don’t believe there is a single person in the admin team who wasn’t basically ‘dragged, kicking and screaming’ into their position. I honestly don’t think I’m suited for it, but I am thankful to those who do the hard work of keeping Chi Tau safe and free of the drama we see so much in the rest of SL. It’s WORK, and most of the time NOT fun to have to take someone to task for not reading the rules when they land, and doing something we at Chi Tau consider unacceptable/outright stupid, but it has to be done, and to be honest, there have been a few times I took considerable satisfaction in banning someone after they ‘worked’ so hard (repeatedly) to deserve getting removed permanently from the Chi Tau gene pool.

Most of all, I am thankful to EACH and EVERY one of you, Chi Tau, for making the city what it is, by YOUR participation, by being a part of something which has become really special and unique in SL…so thank YOU!