Boobs! Lots and lots of boobs!
Okay, just kidding. At least a little. I like boobs. Who doesn’t? Boobs are fun! But I digress.

In all seriousness, what I am most thankful for, is the sense of community that we have here. I haven’t felt that I am a part of something in forever! And this is what I have in this place. I can log on at any time, hang out, feel welcome, have fun, participate in cool activities, etc. Sure, there are also stressy days. But most of the time it’s fun and a welcome distraction from the shit of RL. Even when I absolutely not feel like talking to anybody, I can at least hide in my blanket fort with my kitties and still feel like I’m a part of Chi Tau.

When I decided to return to SL in 2019, after quitting around 2012 for good, I was not exactly in a good mood and didn’t expect to stay for long. It was more of a slightly nostalgic destraction and never expected to stay for long. Then I found Chi Tau by accident and am having the best time here I have ever had in SL.

Writing this was a struggle. It was supposed to be up something like 3 weeks ago. The problem was not that I had nothing to say, but that RL kept stressing and sidetracking me left and right all November and I simply had not enough time and energy to do this thing. But Chi Tau and its visitors and residents absolutely helped me to stay sane (-ish).

So yeah, that’s what I’m thankful for.

Also boobs.

Ethan (and kitties)