This month marks my fourth year in Chi Tau. That this is a month of remembrance and thankfulness is entirely apropos, because there is much for me to remember and for which I am thankful.

I’ve been in Second Life a long time, and for pretty much all that time I’ve been sexually active in my preferred form, as an equine-ish t-girl. I’ve wandered a lot, from place to place. In many I was not welcome because I was a t-girl, in others I was not welcome because I was not human – though I found it interesting other non-humans such as elves, draenei, etc. were welcome.

I came to Chi Tau in 2018 and was made welcome. Not tolerated, not allowed, but welcome. I’ve not simply found a place to scratch an itch in the form of sex, but I’ve found a community, a family, a home. Some of that family have passed beyond the Veil, but they live on in our hearts and our memories. Lizzy Cummings-Hemmit. Shannon Applegate, Joanny Applegate. They touched our lives and made us all the better.

So in this month of remembrance and thanks, I remember them, and I thank you all. You are my family and I love you.