So, it would appear that it’s my turn to look back, look around and look forward at what I’m most thankful for during this wonderful season.  This is probably going to get a little wordy.  You have been warned.  🙂

As I approach my own fourth year in Chi Tau, I have to look back on where it all started for me in Second Life.  I came here (Second Life) not on a recommendation from friends, but more or less on a whim.  I had heard about Second Life from my time playing around on MUDs and MUCKs, and figured it was time to give Second Life a spin.  The visual aspect of Second Life was quite the visceral thrill, and it was during the first couple months that I developed one of my core beliefs.  We all start with basic bodies, and I was determined to take every day to learn something new about Second Life, and to become cuter and sexier than the day before.  This is something I continue to believe to this day, and it helped me learn a little something or a big something every time I would come to Second Life.

My first year was spent doing what any little kitten should do… walking around and getting the lay of the land.  Quite literally in my case, as I discovered a good handful of clubs and beaches that I visited on my weeknights and weekends, and let my rampant sexuality take me to places and introduce me to people that I never would have met without coming to a place as amazing as Second Life.  I needed a place to live, and found one at an island chain that I lived at for a good three years.  And that was my life for the first year to year and a half.

But while I was enjoying my time on Second Life even more than my time spent on the MUCKs, I knew something was missing.  I had a good half-dozen beaches and clubs that I caroused at, but none of them I considered my home space.  And as is usually the case, you don’t know what you’re missing until someone takes you by the hand and shows you what it is.  And that person was my friend and lover, Rhiannon.  She said that there is a sim called Chi Tau City that I absolutely, positively needed to come visit, that I would completely love, and needed to come visit right now.  And since Rhiannon is usually quite right on most things, I followed her here and almost immediately knew that this was a place that I could call home.

I took to Chi Tau immediately, and started playing my way through the sorority achievements in the limited time I had most evenings, and then the weekends.  Gradually my time spent at other beaches and clubs dwindled, and the vast majority of my time was spent at Chi Tau.  It took me around a year and a half, but I finally graduated, and even then, I continued to play in the one place that I had now long called home.  When the residential sim opened up, I immediately set about grabbing a place to live here.  My own island home had at that point just become another dis-used location like most of the beaches and clubs that I had long given up.  I barely knew anyone on the islands around me, and the ones I did know were not interested in playing with me.  Which was fine, because I had a place I knew I could come to every night to have fun at.

And now I come to the part about being thankful.  Chi Tau has given a lost kitten a home after a time exploring what Second Life has to offer.  Only lost in that I didn’t know where my home was going to be, and now I do.  I now have an amazing amount of friends and lovers to spent my time with here, and an equally amazing place to spend my time with them.  There have been a great multitude of sims that I have crossed in my journeys, but only Chi Tau has been as accepting and open of everyone that has wanted a home.  I don’t have to hide my ears or my tail, to pretend that I’m human when I’m not, to enjoy my kinks and fetishes how I please, to wear what I want to wear or not wear anything at all.  I can be the best version of myself, and continue to grow that best version of myself.

Every day is another day I can be cuter and smarter and sexier and more happy than the day before.  That is something that Chi Tau offered me and continues to offer me every day I come home.  You are my friends and my lovers, but most importantly, you are my family.  And that is what I am most thankful for.

For almost four years, and many more years to come.


Your firecat, Cassie.