For years, I had been jumping back and forth between sims, even had changed avatars once (Mia is my second one, the first is long gone) trying to find something new and exciting to do, I was ready to give up on SL entirely, at least for a while. Then in May of 2019, after months of one of my friends telling me how great this place called Chi Tau was, I finally decided to give it a try even though in the back of my mind, I was thinking ‘well, how great could it possibly be’

I have never been more happy to be proven wrong about a place in my life, not only did I have more fun here than I have had on SL but I had never felt more welcomed and loved certainly on SL and most places in RL as well, right from when I first pledged with with Tana on the 15th of May 2019, it truly felt like being part of a family. Chi Tau quickly became a place for me to look forward to going to and be with my friends I had made since I joined and knew I had found a place I could truly call home.

Shortly after getting here I did the whole ‘how can I help’ bit as a lot of people do and was told ‘the best way to help was to just be here’ so I got to coming (and cumming) as much as I could since I already really loved being here and I found out just how valuable it is to help simply by being here and participating, the place really felt alive and it was easy to see how that was the single greatest way to help out. Since joining, I have noticed my friends list while never really that huge to begin with became mostly filled with people I had met at Chi Tau, I noticed that about a month ago when I went to invite people to one of the DJ sets and going through my list, they were all already here!

Fast forward to today and I can’t imagine not being a part of this city, yes I am now that friend who tells people how great Chi Tau is, and I take great joy in helping people get introduced to the city and seeing the happiness it brings them when they find out just how special the place is.