Two new programs for the sorority

I will soon be starting two new programs for the sorority. An admin program and a house slave program.

Admins will be able to answer questions, help out other sisters, and generally help keep things running smoothly.
There will be more responsibilities as they are trained.
Once the admin team has been selected, they will have a set of online boards in the train station to show who you can turn to for help and when they are available.

House slaves will be exactly what it sounds like. Sisters that have chosen to be owned by the house, and will be made available to entertain guests.
Short of any hard limits they choose to publish they will not be allowed to turn down any request by a guest. They will be free to use, but they will have their own tipjars, and guests are always encouraged to tip if they enjoy the slaves.

Slaves will be required to have scheduled times on-sim, and will use the schedule board to display when those times will be.


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