The Chi Tau Victim Tag

Sometimes you will see a girl wearing the tag “Chi Tau Victim”.

This is a very special tag. It is implicit consent for “non-consent” play.

What this means is any girl wearing this tag can be taken and raped or abused without having to ask her consent first.

Check a girl’s profile picks for a “limits” pick first, and abide by those. Other than that, she is fair game to try to do what you want to her.

She may not cooperate, she may even fight and/or scream… but unless she stops you ((OOC)), the tag is your permission to not stop.

Things to keep in mind. First, we keep non-con play to the far side of the river, sewers, tunnels, and caves. Second, RolePlay has consequences. A rape victim may report the incident to the police or to friends who may follow up on the incident – if you aren’t willing to play out the fallout, don’t pull that pin. Do not assume that your victim will not remember you. You may attempt a variety of tactics (Rohypnol, hypnotism, etc), but there is no guarantee that your victim will accept them. Third, abide by a girls limits. Fourth, abide by any ((Out Of Character)) statements, these override, well, pretty much anything else. And fifth, do not take them off sim, there’s plenty of non-con toys in Chi Tau. There is no reason to take them anywhere else and attempting to do so may have repercussions up to and including a ban.

If you are interested in getting involved in any longer term roleplay along these lines, talk to our admins for information.


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