Updates on the sim

Hi everyone, just a little note to share some updates that are going on.

First, i will be modifying the achievements a little over the weekend, so look for a new achievement list.

Second, i’ve heard about some of the men being abrasive or demanding… please let me or an admin know when this happens so we can deal with it.

Third, there are monsters in old town. I have added Caeil’s Project Monster to old town. They can only interact with users of Project Arousal/Project Clothing, which i fully endorse. If you would like to purchase them there is a vendor in the school store. If you would like to know more about it, talk with me.

Fourth, there has been some rearranging of the sim in the suburbs and the Red Light District, so wander around.

Fifth, we are building a bus terminal to replace the existing train station. The newer building will be lower weight on sim resources while still being larger than the existing building, and the retail vendors will be moved into it.

Sixth, we will be completely renovating uptown. The rentals and the University campus will be untouched, but the rest will be completely stripped out and replaced. Some things will remain but be moved, some will be replaced with different versions, some removed entirely and some things added. Keep your eyes open for what we do next.


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  1. Fantasy Adored October 7, 2018

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