The Lag Monster in retreat!

Update on the hunt for the SLag!
It looks like the primary problem is that we’ve just reached a saturation of scripts on the sim… I have too much stuff! (We all know how much i love shopping).

What this means is i need to remove a bunch of stuff, especially if i want to add more stuff later.

I have been doing just that, removing older items, items that are duplicates, and generally just cleaning up.
Progress has been made, the percentage of scripts able to run each “frame” has more than tripled, however I’m only halfway to where i want to be.

I will continue removing items as i decide what i can live without, and we will be doing some optimization of scripts in some of the buildings as well.
My goal is to be twice as efficient (script-wise) as we are today, but i have a lot of work to get there.

What this means for you… there will not be as much density of objects for sex as there have been, and some things may be replaced with decorative (non-scripted) versions.
I will reiterate that i am not placing script limits on avies, that defeats the point of what i’m doing here. I want to get efficient enough to compensate for over-scripted avies (like myself). However, if you choose to try to reduce your script count, it will make it easier on the sim overall, and i do encourage that.
If you don’t know how to do this, talk to me or the admins… i’m not sure all of them know how to reduce avi scripts, but they can pass along your request to me. If you happen to catch Catalenya, she knows quite a lot about reducing script counts.

I will continue being busy with this for a while, until i am satisfied with the sim performance, but if you see me running around “kicking things” say hi.

And have fun out there!

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  1. Tana Rose September 14, 2018

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