Author: Ancilla Darque

Revision of Decision regarding Picture Pinboard

After long consideration, i hate the idea of losing our picture board, or even replacing it with something simpler.

Therefore, instead of removing it, i will simply be clearing it every month to avoid the accumulation of scripts we had previously seen.

This does mean that at the beginning of each month we will need NEW PICTURES!

So come post your pics and show us all the fun you have at Chi Tau!

Sorority House Picture Board

As you probably know, we have a picture board in the front room of the sorority house.  I’ve loved having it and seeing the pictures you all post on it.  However, every picture on the board is 1 prim, 2 scripts, so it is with a heavy heart that i will be removing it this weekend.

If you would like to continue sharing your pictures, and i encourage you to do so, please post them to our Flickr group.

For more information on how to use the Flickr group, see here:

and here:

Thank you for your understanding.



December Blowjob Contest Winners!

Blowjob Contest: We have a tie with 3 votes each.
Winners are firecatcassie Resident and Kaitlyn1995 Resident, each recieves L$50.
firecatcassie Resident and Kaitlyn1995 Resident have won the ‘Chi Tau Cocksucker Collar’. Congratulations!

[16:42] Contest Board V2.30 Pro: Blowjob Contest, L$100, Votes: 22
AncillaDarque Resident 1
ZeiraSahar Resident 2
NathalieWescott Resident 2
inestai Resident 1
firecatcassie Resident 3
SyphaethraKageDreams Res 0
BeccaMyer Resident 0
onyx Marabana 1
xLucyDollx Resident 0
Davmar Hykova 0
bimbodebra Resident 0
ashbungan Resident 0
MartinaLovelee Resident 1
Apollyon Tungsten 0
RaevanAngelica Resident 2
Kelly Plubeau 0
Kaitlyn1995 Resident 3
Trillian Baxton 1
Odienne Milneaux 1
Erby Gilgandra 0
Tinkerbelle Diesel 1
NamyWamy Resident 0
MiaJ23 Resident 1
rylanredghost Resident 0

The Chi Tau Victim Tag

Sometimes you will see a girl wearing the tag “Chi Tau Victim”.

This is a very special tag. It is implicit consent for “non-consent” play.

What this means is any girl wearing this tag can be taken and raped or abused without having to ask her consent first.

Check a girl’s profile picks for a “limits” pick first, and abide by those. Other than that, she is fair game to try to do what you want to her.

She may not cooperate, she may even fight and/or scream… but unless she stops you ((OOC)), the tag is your permission to not stop.

Things to keep in mind. First, we keep non-con play to the far side of the river, sewers, tunnels, and caves. Second, RolePlay has consequences. A rape victim may report the incident to the police or to friends who may follow up on the incident – if you aren’t willing to play out the fallout, don’t pull that pin. Do not assume that your victim will not remember you. You may attempt a variety of tactics (Rohypnol, hypnotism, etc), but there is no guarantee that your victim will accept them. Third, abide by a girls limits. Fourth, abide by any ((Out Of Character)) statements, these override, well, pretty much anything else. And fifth, do not take them off sim, there’s plenty of non-con toys in Chi Tau. There is no reason to take them anywhere else and attempting to do so may have repercussions up to and including a ban.

If you are interested in getting involved in any longer term roleplay along these lines, talk to our admins for information.


November Blowjob Contest Winner!

Blowjob Contest: We have a winner with 15 votes.
Winner is Aimie Hammerthall and receives L$100.
Aimie Hammerthall has won the ‘Chi Tau Cocksucker Collar’. Congratulations!

[14:15] Contest Board V2.30 Pro: Blowjob Contest, L$100, Votes: 35
AncillaDarque Resident 1
Aimie Hammerthall 15
NathalieWescott Resident 2
firecatcassie Resident 1
Des Menges 4
MiaJ23 Resident 2
ZeiraSahar Resident 6
Alina9525 Resident 1
Fox Harker 0
RaevanAngelica Resident 0
SMcK17 Resident 0
AlexaMillbrook Resident 0
Erby Gilgandra 1
Rozalyind Resident 0
KimeraLeona Resident 2
ashbungan Resident 0

Sorority Achievements updated!

The requirements for moving up the grades has been modified, hopefully to be a little easier to get the required hours.  Also some achievements have been retired, and one new one added.

More information can be found on the Achievements page (in the banner at the top of this page)… or the current copies can be had from the magazine rack in the bus station inworld.

Blowjob Contest Winner, October 2019

Blowjob Contest: We have a winner with 10 votes.
Winner is Saerilys Resident and receives L$100.
Saerilys Resident has won the ‘Chi Tau Cocksucker Collar’. Congratulations!

Contest Board V2.30 Pro: Blowjob Contest, L$100, Votes: 49
AncillaDarque Resident 1
GemmaNye Resident 1
shvydkoa Resident 1
Saerilys Resident 10
MicheleCaspoli Resident 1
Nakami Jun 1
Pamela Vanbrugh 1
Eva Causten 4
vulvaaa Resident 2
Des Menges 3 (gone)
SyphaethraKageDreams Res 0
Tylon Ireto 1
Ustiwayayona Resident 0
Aimie Hammerthall 4
MartinaLovelee Resident 2
acorico1 Resident 4
Erby Gilgandra 3
Cindy Falta 4
Nollie Firecaster 1
MiaJ23 Resident 1
Sagadin Resident 0
Odienne Milneaux 0
GwendolynSire Resident 0
XidaWindsong Resident 0
KimeraLeona Resident 0
Kimber Lyric 0
nikki0alir Resident 4
Sarola Haystack 0
Kelly Plubeau 0

Reminder: 2 months a pledge

Just a reminder, starting October first i will be removing pledges that have not progressed for at least 2 months.
You will not be removed from the group, but you will lose pledge status.
If you have been with us since before August 1st and are still a pledge, you have the next week to get to freshman or lose your pledge status.
You can of course reapply at a later date if you choose.

A note to returning members, and existing ones too

Hi everyone.

I would like to take a moment to urge any sister that has never had the opportunity to attend an orientation to please do so.  There is a lot of good information given out.

Additionally, any sisters that have been away since before we had orientations, i will require you to attend an orientation before you can move up in grades.  The information you get from orientations is important.

Also, if you haven’t done the paths yet, even if you are already a higher grade, i think those are important too, so please take the time to do them if you haven’t already.  Plus they’re pretty fun.

Thank you everyone.



Chi Tau Tattoos

Now available in the University Store!!! Chi Tau Tattoos!!! These are the Chi Tau “XT” letters, Omega appliers only, there are appliers for the Shoulder Blade, Breast, Tramp Stamp, Pussy, Inner Thigh, Ankle and Ass cheek. and YES, they are FREE to members!

(please only wear one tattoo at a time… for me)

I don’t have pictures (they overlap many of my existing tattoos), but they’re free, so give them a try.

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