Last Edited May 5, 2022

Being part of being in Cum Feeder Fraternity is advancing in grades. After completing our Welcome Path, you can participate in a Fraternity Orientation to learn more about the Fraternity. All potential Fraternity members share some traits in common. First, they have the desire and the ability to provide the sluts of Cum Slut Sorority with their much desired cum. Males, t-girls, herms, even animals or monsters with cocks are welcome to join the Fraternity. If you have the equipment and the desire, then you are a potential candidate for Fraternity membership. In addition, all Fraternity members take pride in their erotic role play abilities and their appearance. They aren’t one to just grunt and groan while changing pose balls and they expend the effort to make their avatar attractive to the Sorority Sisters. There are free and very low cost options to help update your appearance and our team of ASS-istants are ready to help. If you don’t feel like you fit into those requirements, that’s ok. The city group has its own promotion path as well, and everything you can do in the Fraternity is available to you in the city group as well. What’s important is that you’re in the group that fits your personality the best.

What is required to be promoted in the Fraternity? Each grade has a series of parties to attend, hosting to be done, and accomplishments to be earned. These are all designed to help foster the community and the fun. Once you become a Freshman, there’s really no requirement to advance further, so advance as far as you want, but enjoy yourself in the process. If you’re trying to advance as if you’re earning a trophy, or if you see it as some sort of job to complete, you’re looking at it wrong. The purpose is to have fun, so if you’re not having fun, you’re doing it wrong.


To become a pledge to the Cum Feeder Fraternity, you must complete the Visitor Path (available in the Bus Station).
You must also attend a Fraternity Orientation.
The Orientation will introduce you to our Fraternity and explain how we do what we do.
The word pledge means “to promise” and as pledges to Chi Tau, you make three promises.
A pledge promises to keep Alpha Tau Sigma Fraternity in his picks.
Your Accomplishments are always yours, but if you remove your pick from your profile, we stop counting you as a Fraternity Member, and you are removed from the group.
The moment you restore your pick, you can be reinstated as a Fraternity Member in good standing again.
The pick is also where you will list your Accomplishments.
A Pledge promises to wear their Chi Tau group tag proudly while in Chi Tau City.
We would love you to wear it wherever you go, but understand that is not always possible.
You will earn several tags during your journey, and can wear any available to you, including City tags.
A Pledge promises to use public chat while in Chi Tau City.
Some guests may be shy and will IM you. Encouraging them to switch to Local is the preferred response.
We would rather have them in your IMs in Chi Tau than not in your IMs and not in Chi Tau, so use your judgement.
If you are ok RPing in IMs, at the very least, get them to start in local and move to IMs after an introduction.
If a guest insists on IMs and you do not want to be in IMs with them, please alert an admin to deal with them.

~ FRESHMAN (ATΣ Horndog) ~

To become a freshman, you must complete the pledge path.
If you get stuck, ask an admin, founder or student union guide for help. If none are available, ask another Fraternity Member. Do not ask guests.
Once the path is completed, speak to an Admin or Student Union Guide for a question related to the information in the path.
Do not panic! No one fails. These hunts are best done when you are ready to move up a grade as success requires some knowledge of the city. There is no reason or need to rush.
You must complete a total of 5 points from Accomplishments. Accomplishments must be completed in Chi Tau unless otherwise noted in the Accomplishment.
You must attend at least 3 parties in Chi Tau (excluding discourses and DJ events).
Upon achieving Freshman, are invited and encouraged to join the Chi Tau City blog and the Chi Tau City Discord channel. Make sure to request membership in the Fraternity group.

~ SOPHOMORE (ATΣ Skirt Chaser) ~

To become a Sophomore, you must complete the Freshman Path.
You must complete 10 more points from Accomplishments (for a total of 15).
You must attend 2 Discourse sessions.
You must attend 7 more parties (for a total of 10).
You must attend a Party Hosting class.
You must attend an Open House Hosting class.

~ JUNIOR (ATΣ Slut Stuffer) ~

To become a Junior, you must complete the Sophomore Path.
You must complete 15 more points from Accomplishments (for a total of 30).
You must attend 3 more Discourse sessions (for a total of 5).
You must attend 10 more parties (for a total of 20).
You must host 2 parties.
You must host 2 hours of Open House.

~ SENIOR (ATΣ Sperm Donor) ~

To become a Senior, you must complete the Junior Path.
You must complete 25 more points from Accomplishments (for a total of 55).
You must attend 5 more Discourse sessions (for a total of 10).
You must attend 15 more parties (for a total of 35).
You must host 3 more parties (for a total of 5).
You must host 3 more hours of Open House (for a total of 5).
You must host 5 more hours of Parties or Open House, in any combination (for a total of 15 hours).

~ GRADUATE (ATΣ Cum Feeder) ~

To become a graduate, you must complete the Senior Path.
You must complete 45 more points from Accomplishments (for a total of 100).
You must attend 10 more Discourse sessions (for a total of 20).
You must attend 20 more parties (for a total of 55).
You must host 5 more parties.
You must host 5 more hours of Open House.
You must host 15 more hours of Parties or Open House, in any combination (for a total of 40 hours).

Good luck and remember, the key is to have fun!