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October Blowjob Contest Winner

October Blowjob Contest Winner: Mia (miaj23) with 6 Votes!
Congratulations Mia!

[13:38] ContestBoard: Blowjob Contest, Prize: L$100, Votes: 12
Mia (miaj23) 6
Daniela cagna (daniele801) 2
Patty Rainforest (pattyloveless) 2
Sadie Merlynn (sadiemerlynn) 1
Nati Nova 1
Mira Shard (mira.paravane) 0
Tia (tiababa) 0
Sagadin 0
Nesliyah 0

September 2021 Blowjob Contest Winner!

September Blowjob Contest Winner: TiaBaba Resident
Congratulations Tia!

Blowjob Contest, Prize: L$100, Votes: 12
Tia (tiababa) 7
Shadia Azğın O’Ryba (shadia.ryba) 2
Sam (audreyhepburned) 2
Cassie (firecatcassie) 1
Mitsumii 0
Syphaethra 夢 武蔵 Ghost (syphaethrakagedreams) 0
T (tanith.rosenbaum) 0
ღ Lyta James Moon ღ (moonlyta) 0
Nesliyah 0

August 2021 Blowjob Contest!

Harley Snakeankle wins the August Blowjob Contest and gets the Chi Tau Cocksucker Collar!

Congratulations Harley!!

Harley Snakeankle 4
Merilee (cwynyd) 2
Joelle Nightshade Ludder (liljoelle) 2
Savvy Conundrum 2
Fay Carolina (whitefayriefay) 1
Christine (oneriotranger) 1
Arin Feila 0
Syphaethra 夢 武蔵 Ghost (syphaethrakagedreams) 0
Tia (tiababa) 0
ღ Lyta James Moon ღ (moonlyta) 0
Nesliyah 0

Rental Sim Fact Gathering

As many of you have heard, if you’re a Patreon supporter or if you’ve come to our monthly round table meetings, we’ve been talking about the possibility of adding a new residential sim toward the end of this year. As of today, we’ve moved from the “this is a dream of ours” to “let’s start researching this and getting feedback.” So, before we do the investment in the residential sim, we wanted to hear from each one of you, to see how much interest there is, and to see if it is something that is viable for us to achieve. Not only do we need the financial support for it, but we need the renters, so here’s your chance to make your voice heard. I have created an anonymous survey, only 6 questions, so we can see the level of interest that people have in renting a parcel with a home built to the theme of Chi Tau City already included.

Please take five minutes to answer the questions and offer any feedback there!

Active Sorority Sister Registration!

I am instituting an “active sister registration”, that is combined with the hotline.
All sisters’ pictures will remain displayed on the blog at, but only active sisters will have their pictures shown in the bus station.
The new hotline is in front of the sorority. you register just like you did on the old hotline, but registration expires after 28 days.
You can renew your registration at any time.
In order to be considered active, in addition to registration, you will need to:

Be in the city for a minimum of 2 hours each week.
Attend parties as often as is feasible for you.
Be active about greeting and playing with guests as you come across them.
Actually respond to hotline calls, and try to come to the city to play with the person doing the paging.

If admin determine that you are not “active” according to these requirements, you will be removed as “active”.

Things that will NOT change.
You will NOT be removed from the sorority.
You will NOT lose any grades you have.
You CAN still progress through the grades.
You will NOT lose any of your tags.
You will not be removed from the list of sisters on the blog.

I go to a lot of effort keeping the bus station pictures updated, and given how large we’ve become, it seems pointless to continue advertising sisters that are not being active, and are not trying to have sex with guests.

You are NOT required to register as active, but you are encouraged to.

Any questions can be directed to me, ancilla, and i will answer them as i can.

As an additional note… we tell people if they see a girl with XT in their tag, they are most likely available for sex. If you wish to participate, but are NOT looking to have sex, you might consider swapping to the “Chi Tau Sorority” tag, or one of the city tags… every sister should have Chi Tau Denizen. Then you can just swap back to any XT tag when you are open to playing. This will make it easier for guests to know who is and who isn’t open to play.

We will be discussing this topic at the Roundtable discussion this Sunday, so you are urged to attend to learn more.

June 2021 Blowjob contest winner!

This month’s contest winner is Tia (tiababa) with 3 votes!
Congratulations Tia!

Blowjob Contest, Votes: 8
Tia (tiababa) 3
Jessi (jester7169) 2
Nesliyah 1
Joelle Nightshade Ludder (liljoelle) 1
ღ Lyta James Moon ღ (moonlyta) 1
Anne-Lena Collins (icedragon.clary) 0
Starr (smck17) 0
Cassie (firecatcassie) 0

May 2021 Blowjob Contest Winner

Nabbies Hemmit wins the Blowjob contest and gets the Chi Tau Cocksucker collar


ContestBoard: Blowjob Contest, Prize: L$100, Votes: 25
Nabbies Hemmit (nabbies1) 11
JainaDoe 4
Tia (tiababa) 3
Savvy Conundrum 3
Aliyah (aliyahdawnn) 2
Merilee (cwynyd) 1
Jade (jade.fallon) 1
ShuggaPoot 0
Sadie Merlynn (sadiemerlynn) 0
July Hart (clvr46) 0

April 2021 Blowjob Contest Winner

Ancilla Darque, with 16 votes!


[11:55] ContestBoard: Blowjob Contest, Prize: L$100, Votes: 28
Ancilla Darque (ancilladarque) 16
TiaBaba 2
Jade (jade.fallon) 2
Erika (folcard) 2
Kisses (erby.gilgandra) 1
Raven Morgana (ravenmorgana777) 1
July Hart (clvr46) 1
Anaïs (anna.salyx) 1
Mia (miaj23) 1
亗 ζ͜͡ ‧hloe ζ͜͡ ‧oy 亗 (caitlyn.coy) 1
ღ Lyta James Moon ღ (moonlyta) 0
Starr (smck17) 0
InSoonPark 0
June Hart (jane.melgund) 0
Katy (krys.shamrock) 0
Primrose Joubert 0
Lyssa (lyssa2432) 0

Don’t tell people they don’t “fit in”

We have been getting reports of people who have stopped coming to Chi Tau because someone(s) are telling them their body shape or species does not “fit in.” This is WRONG. Chi Tau welcomes all body shapes and species. We want people in Mesh Bodies, but beyond that, it’s their choice what they look like. If someone tells you your body shape or species does not “fit in” tell them to FUCK OFF, then tell and Admin, Owner or file an Abuse Report at on our Blog. If you think someone’s body shape or species does not “fit in” tell an Admin or Owner and we will deal with it. When I find out who has been spreading this notion that people do not fit in, it will not be pretty.