So, i had a discussion with someone recently about the history of Chi Tau, and thought it was insightful enough to put it here for others to see as well.

in the beginning, i was just a lonely slut wandering SL, getting sex wherever and whenever i could

in my wandering i got frustrated. i was always at the whim of who i could find, and where i could find them. so i had an idea… which grew into a dream…

i built the sorority… which has since grown into what you see here *waves her hand at the building beside us*
the intention was… if i could get a bunch of horny sexy girls all hanging around all the time, the guys would come to us… and keep coming to us.

Trasee had a nightclub… completely separate… the Stray Cat
through a common friend (Rose Rex), we were introduced, and this friend convinced us we should combine our dreams… and out of that combination, Chi Tau City was born, and eventually grew to what you see around us today

the core intention remains, that with a bunch of horny hot girls always hanging around, the guys *should* flock to us… but we also are completely inclusive… we don’t turn anyone away except trolls
not literal trolls, those are welcome here too.
but you see my point

so over time… more and more “non-binary/non-humans” found us to be so welcoming, they decided this felt like home… and that’s great… but
it also led to most “human males” coming and seeing all these non-humans or non-binaries… read “t-girls” and thought “oh, this sim isn’t for human males… it’s a lesbian or shemale sim”… which it isn’t
add to that… the vast majority of the sorority girls are at the very least bisexual… most are completely pansexual…
so in the absence of human males to fuck… they fuck literally everything and everyone else
which of course adds to the false image that we are not a sim aimed at “human males”
because “human males” don’t understand that a bunch of horny pansexual sluts are going to fuck anything they see.. so they walk in and see girls together, or with t-girls, or with furries and think “not for human males”…
and THAT is where i am now, and the misconception i am actively fighting
does all this make sense?

“It does….I will say my perception is clouded from being on other sims where it soon becomes apparent I am not welcome because of my gender.”

that’s another thing we fight against… we are literally unlike anywhere else in SL… so people arrive with preconceived notions of what to expect, and we don’t fit into any of them.
but often we dont’ get the chance to prove that, people make their assumptions and leave.
so when i get someone willing to listen to me babble about it… i take that opportunity
and knowing what you know now, i expect things will look different for you as you interact with people.
at least i hope so
and more importantly, you can share that with others if it comes up

you meet a guy hanging around… he says “hmm… another lesbian sim”… and you get to reply “actually, nothing could be further from the truth”
just remember… since we talk in local, and can have large gatherings… it’s easy to get a little “lost in the babble”… don’t take it personally
just try to engage… use people’s names, if you’ve met them

quite honestly… you don’t have to be shy or meek around here… if you see XT in their tag, they are a sorority slut… ask them for sex
i promise they won’t be offended

“understood…..Just be wary when they are hunting in packs though lol”

that’s the problem of most men that come here… they are shy, they’ve been conditioned by society to not be forward
that doesn’t work here
be forward
“wanna fuck” is a valid greeting
i can’t promise they will say yes… but i can promise you won’t get slapped