Several years ago, I was part of an SL community that focused on BDSM, both in SL, and RL. One Sunday night, in August, I was at the group’s regularly scheduled discussion,. which was always quite well attended. Meri had joined the group earlier that day, and posted a short ‘hello’ in the group chat.  Though I typically don’t scan profiles, I was curious and took a look at hers, which I was fairly impressed with. I commented in her IM about it, and went on about my day.  The place was quite full, and there were limited seats still available, so when I saw Meri come in I knew she was unfamiliar and since it was her first time attending, she was likely uncomfortable. I sent her an IM that there was a kneeling pad beside my chair.  Next thing I knew there was a lovely, curvy Meri, not kneeling beside me, but literally sitting in my lap! 🙂

She apologized profusely, promptly rose and knelt on the pad I had mentioned.  We continued chatting in IM…there was an obvious connection almost immediately, so once the discussion ended we continued the conversation, at my place till 4 am, our time.  She mentioned Chi Tau, and that she was going to be hosting a BYA Greedy game the next morning, so I the next morning I popped over for a bit of a tour and explanation of what Chi Tau was about, joined the Greedy game, and haven’t really gone anywhere since. Exactly a year later, we were married, at a ceremony officiated by Ancilla, in the BJ Garden behind the Sorority House.

At that time, and for at least a year after, I owned nearly half a sim of mainland, but before long, I had “set Home” in Chi Tau.  Once the Patreon became available I started participating financially, ultimately have sold off most of my own holdings, and what was going to LL in tier every month is now much more effectively spent, supporting Chi Tau.

Stray Cat had been having trouble getting DJ’s who would actually show up and do their job consistently.  I had been interested in learning to do that, so took the opportunity, with the help of a Sister who had been DJing IRL for several years, to learn how to DJ, starting with the ‘open stream’ sessions at the Sorority, filling in at the Stray Cat when a DJ failed to show up, and ultimately moving to regularly scheduled Stray Cat dances, which I enjoy immensely.

You may not believe in fate, destiny or whatever, but I firmly believe, personally, that it wasn’t an ‘accident’ that Meri landed in my lap that night, and I am eternally grateful that she ‘brought me home’.